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Unveiled: Roland A-01K Controller and Tone Generator Synthesizer and Keyboard Controller


Following up last year’s release of the Boutique series synth modules, Roland has just released the A-01K at the 2016 NAMM show, another highly portable, compact synthesizer and keyboard controller that’s just at home on the subway as it is in the studio. The A-01K comes with the A-01 Compact Synth Module and the K-25m 25 Mini-Key Controller Dock, which combine to give you powerful MIDI control, along with a palette of high-quality Roland synth sounds. 

As a MIDI controller, the A-01K is designed to interface with all the elements of your studio. Whether you’re playing a modern digital workstation keyboard, or vintage analog synths, working on a home computer, or gigging with an iOS device, the A-01K is an open-ended controller offering multiple connectivity options for various MIDI formats.

For synths with 5-pin MIDI connectivity, simply use the standard MIDI IN/OUT socket. To work with your favorite DAW software on a Mac or PC, there’s the USB MIDI jack, while MIDI over Bluetooth allows for production work on a tablet or smartphone, as well as a computer. Better still, there's no need to ditch your faithful analog gear, as the A-01’s CV/GATE OUT supports classic and new analog equipment, including modular synths.

Also a sound module, the built-in synthesizer lets you create music anywhere, giving you the option of playing back the internal sounds using the built-in 0.5 W mini-speaker, or by plugging in headphones. With an 8-bit CPU sound engine developed by the engineer responsible for the Roland JX-3P, combined with a 16-step sequencer for sparking musical ideas, the A-01K offers a vast musical palette to kick-start your creativity.

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