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Yamaha’s DBR Series Loudspeakers: Making Power and Flexibility Portable

Yamaha has announced an addition to its line of powered loudspeakers, in the form of the DBR series. Based on the lineage of the DSR and DXR series, the DBR line boasts the same DSP, amplifier, and speaker technology as its bigger brethren, but is geared toward flexible use, making these speakers at home for front-of-house duties, floor-monitoring use, or even rigged applications.

The DBR series will be available in three flavors, the DBR10, with its 10" woofer, the DBR12, with its 12" woofer and, lastly, the DBR15, with a 15" woofer. Each model features a Class D amplifier, with the DBR12 and DBR15 giving you up to 1,000 watts of output, while the smaller DBR10 pumps out up to 700 watts. Each model also offers an onboard two-channel mixer with combination XLR/TRS jacks supporting both mic and line level. DJs are not left out, thanks to the RCA inputs.

The DSP is where the DBR series sets itself apart, and is how they can be used in a variety of applications. A back-panel switch allows you to select between EQ curves optimized for monitoring use, or front-of-house/main speaker applications. A selectable high-pass filter also lets you tweak the low-frequency content to suit your room. Since the line is designed for portability, the loudspeakers have ergonomic handles, with the DBR10 weighing only 23.2 pounds.