Gallery of Cool Looking Microphones


The Neumann KU 100 Dummy HeadNo, B&H does not sell mannequin parts (at least, not that I'm aware of). The Neumann Dummy Head is a stereo microphone that's designed to capture sound the same way human ears do. It can be used to create incredibly realistic sounding ambient recordings, but more importantly, the microphone itself is really, really cool looking. We thought it would be fun to round up some of the more interesting looking microphones available at B&H and make a gallery to show them off...

If you enjoyed the scenes in E.T. the Extraterrestrial when the alien's stomach would glow a luminous color, then perhaps you would enjoy using the very cool looking Heil Sound microphone called The Fin.  It's a dynamic microphone that captures great sounding vocal and instrument sounds. The blue LED lights are just there for show, making The Fin a great choice for stage and photo shoot use. Phantom power is required for the blue LED lights to illuminate, but not for the dynamic microphone to operate.

Heil Sound's The Fin

If you put Jeff Goldblum in a teleportation machine, you wouldn't want to send him into it holding a Coles 4104 Lip Microphone. He would pop out on the other end as part man, part fly, and part ribbon microphone. This mic is designed to completely remove ambient noise, and only record the voice of the person holding the mic. You press the forward bar on the mic against your upper lip, and speak directly into it. This enables sports commentators to broadcast from the bleacher seats, and journalists to report from inside a vehicle racing down the highway with studio quality sound. 

The Coles 4104 Lip Microphone

When it comes to cool looking microphones, it's hard to beat the new sE Electronics RNR1 Active Ribbon Microphone. This baby has all of the hallmarks of a cool looking microphone: an awesome shape, spaceship-like stylings, and an other-worldly vibe. This one was designed in part by Rupert Neve, one of the most respected names in recording equipment. The RNR1 is capable of capturing amazing sounding instruments and voices.

The sE Electronics RNR1 Active Ribbon Microphone

If you want to pretend this is an android, you can. But really this is the Holophone H3-D, a professional surround-sound microphone. It's designed to plug into 5 standard XLR inputs (the H3-D requires phantom power for operation), and it supplies instant 5.1 ambient sound capture where ever you place it. An assortment of windscreens and softies (fuzzy android wigs) are available separately to help you record 5.1 sound in the elements.

The Holophone H3-D    

The microphone manufacturer Blue is famous for producing mics that sound great, look interesting, and have quirky names. The following microphones are called Snowballs; they're available in white, glossy black, and brushed aluminum, and have an optional shockmount called the Ringer which is also very cool looking. The Snowball is a USB microphone, so you can plug it into any Mac or Windows computer and record excellent sounding audio. It's great for a single person, or placed on a table to capture a group of people. A table stand is included.

The Blue Snowball