Samson AirLine 77 Headworn Wireless Systems

When people start learning about wireless microphone systems, they're sometimes surprised to find out that multiple components are needed: a microphone, a transmitter and a receiver. Samson's AirLine 77 headworn systems have a small transmitter built into the headset, so it seems like there are only two components involved, instead of three.

The AH1 Headworn Transmitter is a great option for fitness instructors and live performers because you don't have to attach a beltpack transmitter to your body when you use it. One of the big drawbacks of a beltpack-based headset system is that a wire needs to run from the beltpack up to the headset. This isn't an issue with the AH1.

There are two different kinds of AH1 transmitters available. They both feature the same basic integrated transmitter design. The trait that makes them different is the microphone element. One AH1 headset model features the QV10e microphone, the other features the Qe microphone. 

The QV10e microphone element is a better choice for singers and musicians because the frequency response of the microphone is simply better suited for music. The Qe microphone element is a better choice for fitness instructors and public speakers since the frequency response of the Qe microphone capsule is better suited for speech.

A Samson AH1 Wireless Headworn System with a Qe Microphone

Both microphones have a cardioid pick-up pattern, which make them a good choice for use with live sound systems. A cardioid pick-up pattern will help reduce feedback by rejecting sound from in front of and to the sides of the mic. Both microphones were also designed to be moisture resistant, which makes them well suited for use on stage and in the gym.

five pack of replacement windscreens is available that's compatible with both the QV10e and the Qe microphones. They come in multiple colors, which is especially useful if more than one person uses a headset. This way one person can be assigned to use a specific colored windscreen, for a more sanitary working environment. The colors can also help live acts add some flare to their stage presence. 

These systems are available in six different frequencies, channels N1 through N6. They operate in the UHF range, which is more reliable than VHF and completely in line with the recently revised FCC standards. If you plan on using more than one AirLine system, you should be mindful that you buy each system on a separate channel so they don't interfere with one another.

If you have any questions about the Samson AirLine 77, or any wireless system, we encourage you to post them in the Comments section. You should also try to speak to a B&H Pro Audio Sales Professional (on the phone, in the SuperStore, or via Live Chat). B&H has some of the most knowledgeable wireless audio experts in the business!

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I just got the samson airline 77 unit but I can't seem to hook it into my stereo receiver.  It only came w/ a 1/4 mic cable.  So I got a 1/4 to 3.5 mm adapter...then a 3.5mm coupler, then 3.5mm to RCA (Red/White Audio) and into my aux input on my receiver.  The mic shows it's picking up sound, but nothing comes out of the speakers.  What can I do?  Volume in turned all the way up on both Airline receiver and stereo receiver.  Stereo receiver turned to Aux In.  Please help.


I'm in the same boat! Can anyone help?

It is not possible to connect the transmitter directly to a stereo receiver; the impendance on the connectors is not the same. You would need to purchase a compact mixer, then connect the receiver to the compact mixer and after that connect the mixer to the stereo receiver.  See the links below for a  recommended compact mixer and cable to connect the mixer to the receiver.

Hi, I already have one of theseSamson AirLine 77 Headworn Wireless Systems on N2 channel. I need another to be used by my co-teacher in the same class at the same time. What if we bought another N2 could we both send to the same N2 receiver and only use one receiver with two N2 transmitters?

Hi Al -

The receivers can only receive a signal from one transmitter at a time.  You would need to purchase an additional Samson Airline 77 system (transmitter  & receiver) on a different frequency channel.

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I am having horrible feedback with one stereo but it works fine with another stereo.... tried adusting the headset w the small screw driver provided but it doesn't get any better

What setting should I have the attentuation set on when using the balanced output for the samon airline wireless mic, -40dBm or -20dBm? 

Hi Angela -

This setting is dependent upon your environment, and the strength and quality of the user's vocals. Experiment with the settings to obtain the best results.

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions: