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2 months ago
It is a commonly held belief that the frequency response of human hearing is between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz, with degeneration of the upper frequencies occurring as a person grows older. More recent research may indicate that human beings can detect signals much higher than this, though the perception of those frequencies may be expressed as harmonic interactions and by the transient crossings in...
3 months ago
Poor audio! While many tout the mantra that sound is half your film or broadcast, budgetary constraints can relegate sound to an afterthought—unfortunately, often to the peril of your project’s quality. While getting your sound captured correctly can be a daunting task, especially to the audio-uninitiated, you fortunately already have a powerful tool right in your pocket. No, not your wallet—your...
4 months ago
Whether you grew up listening to records, or you recently discovered collecting and playing vinyl, the idea of recording your favorite vinyl records into your computer may have crossed your mind. Having a digitized version of your vinyl collection is useful for loading songs into portable devices and for having an archive of your favorite tunes in the digital realm. When captured properly, a...
by Sam Mallery and Daniel Bockrath
5 months ago
While sometimes it may seem as though all of recorded music is available by a quick search on services such as Spotify, Google Play, or iTunes (to name just three), the truth is that a significant amount of recorded music is only available in analog formats, such as cassette tapes. So, whether your interest is in digitizing cassettes from childhood or a mix tape from an old high-school flame, B...
Native Instruments Kontrol X1
11 months ago
As a longtime vinyl DJ, I strongly prefer the hands-on approach of mixing music with two turntables and a mixer. For all the convenience offered by fully digital setups on laptops and tablets, there is no denying the tactile benefits of a traditional vinyl-only rig. From the pleasing heft of a rotating turntable platter to the gentle cradling of the stylus locked into a groove, the physical...
1 year ago
With the ever-increasing mobility of music-production equipment, the subject of mixing and mastering on headphones becomes increasingly relevant. While there is no real substitute for mixing and mastering on tuned near- or mid-field monitors in an acoustically treated room, headphones certainly have a role to play in production. Whether for convenience, portability, noise considerations, or other...
1 year ago

When Logic Pro X was released in 2013, many users breathed a sigh of relief: the DAW was long overdue for a refresh, and some were beginning to worry Apple was going to abandon its flagship music-creation software. Logic X proved that worry wrong, and was released with a slew of new features, not least of which is its entirely 64-bit architecture.

1 year ago
Modern-day musical synthesizers offer a staggering array of options for control of parameters, note sequencing, and interfacing with hardware sound modules and software DAWs and plug-ins. Among these, the now-ubiquitous MIDI (Musical Instrument Device Interface) protocol has been around since 1983, while the network-optimized, less widely adopted, OSC (Open Sound Control) has been in use since...
1 year ago

When you look back at the last fifty years of sound recording, a timeline of trends, techniques, and equipment materializes. Tastes change over time, and while I’m not likely to ever use a gated reverb on snare drum today, you’d be hard pressed to find a rock album recorded in the 1980s without it.

1 year ago

The Beatles will forever will be regarded as the band that changed the course of pop music. Volumes have been written about the talents and creative dynamics of the “Fab Four,” and the genius of George Martin as a producer. However, the contributions of their recording engineer, Geoff Emerick, are also an important element of the iconic sound of The Beatles.

1 year ago

“Modding” is the act of altering equipment in order to improve its performance, and it’s anything but new in the audio world. However, recently it’s blossomed into a full-blown sub-industry. Be it mics, preamps, consoles, or processors, people are now accustomed to buying an inexpensive product, only to send it to a third-party company to perform some sort of top-drawer upgrade.

1 year ago
Noise is a given part of our daily lives, and if you live in a bustling area like B&H’s home in New York City, the clamor of buses, trains, construction, and people can be downright overwhelming. New Yorkers love to get away on weekend trips to quieter, rural locales. But is there such a thing as too quiet? Even if you love the serenity of silence, most people would draw the line at the...
1 year ago

When an acoustic guitarist plays a note, there are variations in the way the note can be played that affect the sound; the manner and intensity with which the string is picked or plucked, the pressure on the fret, the cleanliness of the string, the angle of the sound hole to the mic, and other factors play a part. The human voice is an even more complicated instrument.

1 year ago
Nirvana’s Nevermind remains one of the most influential albums of all time, introducing MTV (and the world) to grunge and alternative and changing the landscape of popular music, essentially ending the popularity of “hair” metal. Aside from the vast influence of its songs, Nevermind remains a benchmark for sound quality, from a recording and engineering standpoint. The drum sound on classic...