How to get a Presidential sound


When the president of the United States speaks, the world listens, so long as the mic is on. Since 1968 that mic has been the Shure SM57 in a dual configuration. Dual mics add redundancy, and frankly, a sense of importantance. 

One SM57 is usually wired to house audio, and the other to a breakout box which is fed to media outlets. In all the years I've been watching Presidents talk (since Carter!) I've never heard a dropout or tech failure--a salute to the rock solid reliability Shure SM57s have.

If you're running for elected office this year, or you're a motivational speaker -  we've put this very professional mic/stand kit together as a wishlist. At well under $400 you can look and sound very Presidential. 

 President Obama's mic podium configurations

On really windy days the Shure A81WS will come in very handy. Indoors, the Shure A2WS will do the job nicely. Attach the SM57s to the Shure A53M shockmount, and each of those to the Sabra-Som ST-2 double mic support. Attach to the podium, and you're ready for the world to take you seriously.

Now that you've been elected, can you lower my taxes? 

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These mics DO NOT FAIL. EVER. This certainly has made for some interesting 'accidental' asides. From **** Cheney's spirited invitation to Pat Leahy to Joe Biden's f-bomb at the Health Care signing, Shure has been there to capture it all;)  

Yeah, these mics are a big f-- deal.

If I'm not mistaken  I believe President Ford used a Pearstone ABC-21 mic, which was powered by the static electricity created when he turned his head or lifted his arms. But because he didn't turn his head often and rarely lifted his arms, the press corps soon switched back to the more reliable Shure mics.

(Note - This is something I overheard on the number 7 crosstown bus so I'm not so sure it's reliable information, but somebody else I know said they read the same info on the inside of a Snapple cap.)

I th..hink Allan Hweitz should write the next blog.

I wish the grill on the SM57 was made out of metal, not plastic. I bought a new SM57 in 1998 and the plastic grill had cracked off by 2002. I use an Audix i5 now instead. A pair of those would probably sound pretty good on the Commander in Chief too. Plus it's made in the USA!