Nintendo 3DS XL (2015)


How to Maximize Your Gaming Experience with the PS4 and Xbox One

In the decade spanning 1990 to 2000, when video games were just beginning to enter the phase of legitimacy they now enjoy, I was a contender in the gaming industry. I wrote for the now defunct GamePro magazine, then the world’s largest video-game magazine, under the nom de plume of “Scary Larry.” If you knew anything about video games back then, you knew GamePro, and if you knew GamePro, you knew me.


Enhance Your Gaming Experience with the ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278Q Display

ASUS has a long and prestigious history of delivering consumer electronic devices that combine industry leading technological innovations seamlessly with a bold industrial design aesthetic. ASUS’s continued dedication to adventurous design ideas and cutting-edge technology can be traced back to its uncompromising brand philosophy, making ASUS a consumer electronics industry leader with the fifth-largest computer manufacturing division on the planet.


The New Sennheiser GameZero + GameOne Gaming Headsets: Hear Every Detail

You would think that gamers are only worried about one thing—how their game looks. But for those of us so immersed in gaming that it has become an extension of ourselves, we know that gaming is a total package. You have to have the awesome graphics, the fastest speed and the most wicked sound. A game isn’t a game if you play it in a vacuum, it’s just movement—and for great gaming sound you need a killer pair of headphones.

The Ultimate Console Game Room

So, the holidays are near, and the two hottest gifts that your kids, husband/wife, significant other, and relatives will be asking for are new gaming systems, namely the ultra-hot PlayStation 4 and XBOX One. I’m asking for both and will probably end up with a deluxe checker set, but that’s how my wife rolls.

Holiday 2012: Awesome Gifts for Students

Do you need ideas for some awesome holiday gift ideas for students? When you cornered them and asked what they wanted, did you draw a blank? Perhaps they offered to send you a list of gift ideas later, when something came to mind. In the likely event that the list never arrived, we’ve compiled that list of student-friendly suggestions for you.

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