New Samsung Smart Cameras

Samsung recently announced a group of new point-and-shoot cameras. The cameras range from entry-level point-and-shoot to feature-heavy SMART cameras with powerful zooms and Wi-Fi connectivity. Let’s take a minute to look at their features.


Nikon Announces Seven New COOLPIX Cameras

Nikon has announced seven new cameras to join the ranks of their lauded COOLPIX line of compact digital cameras. From fully-loaded advanced performance cameras that handle like DSLRs to all-weather point-and-shoots, this batch of cameras is feature-heavy and offers something for everyone.

Holiday 2012: Intermediate Mirrorless Digital Cameras

Not so long ago, the single lens reflex was the undisputed king in and outside the studio, and anything short of this form factor was a compromise in both photographic performance and accessory options.

Holiday 2012: Wi-Fi Enabled Digital Cameras

Photography and technology have walked hand-in-hand through many photo shoots. Advancements in digital technology have been an asset to photographers in recent years, and will continue to be so for many more. But one of the most rapid developments has been in Wi-Fi technology.

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