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The Ultimate Console Game Room

So, the holidays are near, and the two hottest gifts that your kids, husband/wife, significant other, and relatives will be asking for are new gaming systems, namely the ultra-hot PlayStation 4 and XBOX One. I’m asking for both and will probably end up with a deluxe checker set, but that’s how my wife rolls.

Holiday 2012: Awesome Gifts for Students

Do you need ideas for some awesome holiday gift ideas for students? When you cornered them and asked what they wanted, did you draw a blank? Perhaps they offered to send you a list of gift ideas later, when something came to mind. In the likely event that the list never arrived, we’ve compiled that list of student-friendly suggestions for you.

Command Your Entertainment Gear with Free Mobile Apps

The “universal remote” takes on an entirely new meaning as Wi-Fi-enabled touch screen devices proliferate. Thanks to all the free apps, we may no longer need to regularly use the dedicated remotes that came with our TV, Blu-ray player, receiver, home theater system, media player or DVR.

Audioengine's New A5+ Powered Speakers

Audioengine has been making classy-sounding, décor-pleasing speakers for use with a computer and other audio components since 2005. This month a new model arrives in three different cabinet finishes that even an audiophile could love.

Atlona Offers Comprehensive Video and Audio-Integration Solutions

Home theater systems, whole-house audio systems and their corporate equivalents are big business these days. Of course, B&H carries everything that home enthusiasts and professionals need to assemble these systems. Whether it’s flat-screen TVs, home-theater systems, audio amplifiers, speakers, computers or any kind of related accessory, B&H is your go-to resource.


Think of the “3” in 3D as the third axis, a newly arrived Z dimension that joins the 2D screen geometry of X (width) and Y (height). You experience the sensation of depth in two basic ways: as “Deep 3D” in which the TV seems to become an infinitely receding tank. It’s almost as if you could reach through the glass; as “Pop-Out 3D” where objects appear be spilling off the screen.

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