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Photo-Editing Tutorial: Focus Stacking

Capture One Pro 7: Impressions from a First-Time User

Until recently, my only experience with Capture One was using it for shooting tethered on photo assigments. Every pro that I’ve assisted has used it during their shoots so that art directors, assistants, and anyone else who needed to, could review images while they were being made. Capture One is definitely the industry standard when it comes to shooting tethered.

iPads & Tablets: Icing on the Cake

Whether you’re a wedding photographer, wedding planner, or the lucky couple who will be tying the knot, an Apple iPad 2, new iPad, or one of the many Android tablet PCs can be very helpful when you’re preparing for a wedding. 

35mm Film Scanner Roundup

If you began your love affair with photography back in the days of film, raise your hand. OK. Now raise your hand if you still have a darkroom in which you still print your slides and negatives. I thought so*.

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