NVIDIA SHIELD 8" Tablet & Wireless Controller


Take Note of the Samsung 32GB Galaxy NotePRO Tablet

Tablets come and go, like the tide. And like the tide, some tablets are just flotsam on the ocean of tech, while others are buried treasures that need polishing to bring out their inner beauty. Some are pearls that started out as sand and made their way up the chain to become works of art, while others should probably be tossed back into the briny depths whence they came.

Unveiled: Samsung Covers the Galaxy with Tablets

Tablets may come and go—and they do—but some brand names stick around. While this past holiday season has shown us that you can buy a tablet from anywhere, and literally from any manufacturer, it’s also shown us that some manufacturers continue to pull out the stops when it comes to making quality tablets.

Holiday 2012: Gifts for Kids

Everybody wants something better for their children than they had for themselves. It’s a function of the American dream. It’s also a manufacturer’s dream. The hottest new toy can create a frenzy around the holiday season that can only be duplicated in certain shark-infested waters in the Pacific.

Infinity Pad: a Fully Loaded Android Tablet

ASUS, well known and widely respected for its work with motherboards, PCs and notebooks, made a leap into the tablet field a while back, and successfully created a critical wave with its top tier, moderately priced tablets. 

Tablet Computers

A tablet is a keyboard-less computer embedded in a portable touch screen that syncs to a larger computer and can connect to the Internet. Not everything you do requires sitting at a desk or typing on a keyboard. In fact, considering how much personal entertainment is available for streaming from the Internet or played from storage in the tablet, a thin-screen device may be all you need. 

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