Can you figure out what this is?

Guess the Gear, B&H Explora

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Amaryllo iCam HD 360°

A Dutch themed external HD?

Smart Lego Brick

Device for storage

Its a data storage.

I am guessing it's Amaryllo iCam 

A computer

External Hard Drive

Es un parlante bluetoth

Hyperstorage cube

Amaryllo iCam HD 360 Wireless IP Camera, WOW, you guys selling this at $100 OFF.


Photo/Video player

Amaryllo iCam HD

A external HD for storage???

My Guess is a 3D printer

This looks like a computer. Built in various modules.

Music box

This is a Bluetooth Speaker

Computer CPU with disk storage 

I also say it's a computer


My first's an external hard drive (50TB or something insane like that). 

This is a storage drive

Looks like a computer to me.

It is a Amaryllo iCam HD - specifically the ACC1308A1NL model

storage info.

Music box.


Amaryllo iCam

It's the iCAM HD, a motorized 260 degree web cam. 

 Amaryllo iCam 

wireless HD camera with SD storage and wireless.

Double sight acc1308a1 Amaryllo iCam wireless network color camera

The packed configuration of some portable instant printer?

hard drive enclosure?

3d printer

iCam HD 360 from Amaryllo

Bluetooth Speaker

Amaryllo iCam HD 360 Wireless IP Camera


transportable pc cube