Can you figure out what this is?

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by Looking at i don't see any buttons on it, so it must be related to hand movement. what i think it is a bluetooth device that can be pared with electronics that uses hand gestures, like a T.V or some type of phones and controlling your camera from far away with your hand movement i don't know it does look weird but i am 100% sure that it is not a ring though.

Agreed; and this device probably works without crashing.

What could I have been thinking?

Much too elegant to be envisioned by Bill Gates. Make it garish, intractable and derivitive, then talk about Bill Gates.

It's what you wear when you really want the other kids in the playground to pick on you and gang up on you.

I mean, seriously, would you go out in public wearing anything like this?

It's the IK Multimedia iRing!

You have to change the last number in the URL as you see i posted here 16 and 15. But you can do 14 and other too.


hand gesture control unit.

and here is my question: Where can I find old posts in this category? I missed answers to some old "guess the gear" questions

I know what that is: motion controllers for music apps on iPhone and iPad.  One goes on each hand and your gestures are interpretted by the app.


Okay, perhaps it's the digital version of the Commander Cody Secret Decoder Ring?

The game of dominoes, as envisioned by Bill Gates.