Can you figure out what this is?

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back part of a ski binding

Film projector

Roll film cutter?


old light meter

Bed rail of field 4 x 5 view camera

It is the rail and front lens standard of a field view camera, a Linhoff perhaps.


This is an old Polaroid Land Camera, I don't remember the model. My grandfather had one of these, in a leather case. I have it now. Somewhere. 

That is the bottom portion of a 4x5 camera.  It's used to adjust the focal length and bellows of the camera. (I'm not 100% sure, but I'm guessing this is a press 4x5 camera)

 definitely a press camera but not sure which make. Not like a graphlex though. Perhaps a linhof?

Portion of the base of the polaroid camera.

Projector calibration tool

polaroid bellows camera

Polaroid 110 Camera

old polaroid camera

The slide for the front lens board of a 4x5 field camera.

Polaroid Land Camera Model 800

The Polaroid 800 Land Camera, or simply "The 800" 
Instant film camera produced by Polaroid from 1957-1962.

Polaroid Camera

A lens calibration kit 

Inside of a Polaroid Land Camera

es la corredera del fuelle de una Camara Polaroid The 800

That is a polaroid camera.  I have one like it, but I don't know if it works.

Looks to me as if it might be the bellows/lens front of a polaroid pulled out

Poloroid land camera

Front rail and standard of a metal field camera.

Piece of a polaroid style instant camera

Polaroid Land Camera   

It's a folder camera.... you can tell by the range finder on the left hand side and the folding mechanism

It looks like the locking mechanism for a Polaroid cameras lens/bellows 

it's a 4x5 camera, style Speedgraphic or Bush Pressman

Polaroid Model 800

Looks like a bellow base plate for a large format camera. Maybe a Polaroid.

The front standard on a (likely 4x5) field camera...

I think it is some kind of large format camera.

Polaroid Model 800

It's a scale to adjust lens

I'm pretty sure I'm in agreement with the folks that say Polaroid 800! I knew it was some kind of fold out camera but leaning to the 800! It's either that or the hold down for an amusement ride seat, in miniture.

I would say either a Polaroid Model 700 or 800 ..... What did I win?

a lense sizer

Device in a shoe store to measure foot size.

It's the front of a Polaroid 110b.

tripod camera latch

i go it !!!!

its the ultimate mouse trap

Is the front part of a Polaroid 800 Land Camera.

Polaroid camera



Underwater housing?

Tape splicer.

High tech George Forman grill