Can you figure out what this is?

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Focus dial on the eye piece connecting to a telescope.

This is a photograph of a rack and pinion gear on a reflector telescope. Not sure of the name brand of the scope.


This is a rack-and pinion focuser on a relatively small Newtonian reflector telescope

Telescope eyepiece base

The gear portion of a Celestron FirstScope Telescope!!!

An adjustable focal eye piece for a reflector telescope.


Tt's a telescope. We can see the telescope eyepiece and the adjusting wheel.

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It has to be a telescope but don't know which one it is.

Focus mechanism of reflector telescope...

what is, a focus dial on the eye piece of a telescope.

It is the focus adjuster on a reflector telescope. The eyepiece is connected to the upper end of that chrome section with the visible thumb screw.

Looks like the viewfinder that comes out of a telescope. 

It looks like the viewfinder of a reflex telescope

Celestron FirstScope Telescope 21024 Reflector 76mm Tabletop Telescope

Eyepiece connector to a telescope.  Note the words Hubble

Telescope eyepiece

view finder´s focus adjustment of a telescope.