Can you figure out what this is?

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It's the Blue Reactor mic!

Looks like a part of a telescope

high frequency tranducer, part of a speaker system.

Sony Android Camera Lens add on

Underwater camera

A floor caster (maybe for a medical device)

how about a gyroscopic panorama motor

is like a limelapse mechanism

I mean "Timelapse" mechanism

Gear of a fishing reel

The bad guy in a college sci-fi film class project. You can tell that it's the bad guy: the eyes are so close together that they have merged into one . . . and it's way off center. Would you trust anyone who looked like this?

I could use a little more information. Maybe a picture of the front page of the owners manual would help

Only if you can read Chinese.

Flux capacitor

This is part of an antique sextant.

It's a micrphone, specifically a bluemic. 

If it is indeed a microphone, then it wins the prize for being the ugliest mike ever made. Probably sounds funny, too . . .

flow measurement device

blue reactor microphone pattern selector dial

Bottom part of Blue Reactor microphone

It's a telescope.

It is definitely a blue mic. Reactor sounds right. 

I beleive this is some kind of a microphone.

camera stabilizing counterweight or a piviot point on a tripod. this is a vague photograph.

A number of those replying have correctly identified this microphone (or part of one, anyway), and that can easily be confirmed by looking at the ads for the mike in question. So, gentlemen; isn't it time to close this up and move on to the next one?

It's a medical incubator - I saw it on M*A*S*H once.

Blue Microphones Reactor Mic

a camera

It's a Blue Reactor Microphone

The shipment roller at B&H Store NY