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B&H Photo Flickr Group Photos 7/29/2011

Are your photos featured this week? Read more to see this week's selection from our B&H Photo Flickr Group. If you haven't joined already, what are you waiting for?

Copying Artwork Made Easy

As artists, we can appreciate the value in having our creations reproduced with precise accuracy. So there’s no difference when it comes to artists of other mediums such as paintings, sketches and sculptures. At the Charleston Center for Photography, we have plenty of artists from all over who entrust us to digitally capture their work.

Who Knew?: Celestron Weather Stations

Have you ever turned the news on and the weather man said that it would be nice and sunny out but instead ominous clouds hover above you later on? Well, if you want something a bit more accurate, the Celestron Weather Stations may be an option for you.

B&H Photo Video Pro Audio? There's an App for That!

You asked for it—now you've got it! That hefty B&H catalog has just become much more portable with the B&H Photo iPhone app, available for immediate download in the Apple iTunes store. The app will allow customers to search, browse, and purchase products from every department of the store.

Instant Rebates on Select Nikon Camera+Lens Kits Ends October 30th

The Nikon D90, D300s and D700 have won many awards for being outstanding cameras. Known by many for their low light capabilites and fantastic autofocus, many photographers looking to upgrade from their entry level DSLRs may want to take advantage of the instant rebates in effect until October 30th.

Canon Rebates Available Until November 24th!

Been trying to figure out if you want a T2i or a 7D? Maybe some instant rebates will help you make that purchase decision a bit easier. Until November 24th, the XS, T1i, T2i and 7D are being offered with $50-$200 instant rebates depending on the package.

Photography in the Galapagos of Mexico

As I prepare for another dive off the Island of Roca Partida, everything is perfect, as it has been the past five days. It is a beautiful day, sea conditions are ideal, and I am thinking about the wonders I will photograph as this amazing trip is coming to an end. I check all my life support equipment and camera gear before boarding the Zodiac (rubber raft type boat).

What’s Hot? - Trends from the Consumer Electronics Show 2009

LAS VEGAS—The best place to scope out the next nine months in home electronics and entertainment is the annual CES tradeshow. The January, 2009, show revealed among other things that flat panel TV sets will become even more anorexic; LCD TVs will adopt LED-backlighting and still faster refresh rates; sound bars that project discrete audio channels will proliferate; Blu-ray Disc players will be available in a variety of styles; anything larger than an iPod will likely sprout an iPod dock; and TV sets will increasingly connect directly to the Internet so viewers have the option to receive real-time information or stream movies whenever they like. Camera and camcorder enthusiasts on the hunt for the latest features weren’t disappointed either.

The Top 10 Trends & Technological Breakthroughs of 2008

One of my favorite things to do at the end of the year is to check out all of the "best of" lists that get complied and passed around. I'm the kind of person who'll endlessly analyze the critic's picks of the best albums of the year, and make a point of trying to catch the films hailed as the year's best. This time around I thought it would be fun if B&H got in on the "best of" craze and put together a list of our own.


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