The Designer’s Guide to Buying Macintosh Computers

The term “designer” covers many different fields—graphic, Web, motion, or 3D designer—and whether you are buying your first computer or just upgrading, you want your purchase to be fine-tuned to your particular needs. Designers have widely varying needs and, while you may love all things Apple, some machines or features are better suited for design than others. From “do I need a Retina screen?” to “how much RAM will cut it?” to “what kind of software will get the job done?”, searching for that perfect computer can bring up lots of questions.

Lenovo’s Laptops Got Game

Gaming on a PC requires some knowledge aforethought; one does not simply walk into Mordor and game. One must ask questions like: what kind of games am I playing? Do my games require serious dedicated graphics cards? Or am I simply looking to build fortresses and blast away tiny military bases?

5 Super-Helpful Laptop Hacks and Tips for Maximum Efficiency

Everyone loves laptops. They’re portable, powerful, and productive. But some of us can’t afford to keep up with new laptop models every year. Some of us (most of us) hang on to our laptops until they wheeze their last breath. And even then, we try to find ways to get one last gasp of use out of them.

How can you extend the life of your aging laptop? How can you save a few bucks when buying a new one? And what are some essentials tips and tricks should you know to keep your laptop running smoothly?

Google OnHub ASUS Router Now at B&H

Google is rarely satisfied with the status quo. Don’t like bloated operating systems? Meet Chrome. Want a mobile system that doesn’t have a lowercase “i” in it? Hello Android. Streaming media to your computer too problematic? Hi there, Chromecast. Google wants to run the world. At least the company is honest about it.

Apple Products for Photographers

Photographers have always held Apple products in the highest regard, with their beautiful interface, exceptional design, and revolutionary feature sets. With an ecosystem encompassing products meant for use as a full-blown workstation, as well as having an assistant in your pocket, you will be sure to find exactly what you need. So, in order to guide you on your decision, what follows is a walkthrough of some of the most relevant products for photographers.

Hands-On Review: HP Workstation Z Turbo Drive G2 PCIe SSD

Toshiba X300 3.5" Desktop Internal Hard Drives

WD My Book Pro 10TB (2 x 5TB) Two-Bay Thunderbolt 2 RAID Array

Star Wars Battlefront: the Game that will Bring The Force to this Holiday Season?

Last weekend marked a milestone for both gamers and movie fans alike: the return of Star Wars to the twitch-gaming category. For the last 25 years, the Star Wars franchise has been split among console, arcade, and PC gamers, from the Star Wars Arcade game to Angry Bird Star Wars, but it has been at least 10 years since the franchise has entered the squad-based first-person shooter category.

Apple Updates iMacs with New Retina Displays

It seemed a little unfair that only the 27" iMac got the high-res 5K display last year, while its little brother, the 21.5" iMac, was still stuck at 1080p. Apple decided to share the pixels by announcing a 21.5" iMac model with a 4K display. Also, all versions of the 27" iMac will have the 5K display, as well.


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