ROBO 3D R1 Printer


G-Tech Portable, Desktop, and RAID with Thunderbolt: Fast and Spacious

G-RAID with Removable Drives: A Spacious Solution

G-Technology Thunderbolt 2-Equipped G-RAID and G-SPEED Studio Storage Systems

EIZO ColorEdge CG247 and the ColorEdge CX241

Apple Updates the MacBook Pro Retina Notebook Computers

The New Sennheiser GameZero + GameOne Gaming Headsets: Hear Every Detail

You would think that gamers are only worried about one thing—how their game looks. But for those of us so immersed in gaming that it has become an extension of ourselves, we know that gaming is a total package. You have to have the awesome graphics, the fastest speed and the most wicked sound. A game isn’t a game if you play it in a vacuum, it’s just movement—and for great gaming sound you need a killer pair of headphones.

Jynxbox Takes Media Streaming Seriously


The BenQ RL2455HM Gaming Monitor is a Gamer’s Dream

Gamers. Everyone knows one, many of us are one. Some of us game on our consoles, such as the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Others game from their PCs, using hardcore configurations that push graphics limits and over-clock processors. But the one thing that all gamers require is awesome, crystal-clear graphics and spectacular colors. Console gamers get that from their TVs. PC gamers get it from their monitors and graphic cards.

Eizo Monitors for Creative Professionals


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