The Panasonic GH4 Given Native Anamorphic Support

Surface with a Smile

So, you want a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 but you can’t justify the hefty price tag? I hear you, brothers and sisters. We want the smooth look, the flexibility of a tablet that can double as a laptop and the perks and refinements that made the Surface Pro 3 one of the most sought-after tablets this year.


New Delkin Class 3 SD Cards

Make Scanning a Snap with Fujitsu ScanSnap

A lot of consumers take scanning for granted. Most believe that the scanner on their all-in-one printer can handle anything, and a lot of them can handle a great many diverse tasks. But real document imaging comes in many diverse forms, and sometimes requires specialized equipment. Are you scanning files? Books? Photos? One scanner does not rule them all.

Fujitsu has been in the scanning business for decades, and the company manufactures equipment based on your specific tasks. The line of ScanSnap scanners showcases just what a scanner can do, and how it can do this correctly.

Hands-On Review: ASUS Tri-Band Router

Surface Pro 3: The Family that Techs Together Talks Together

Bringing Style to the Surface Pro 3

When is a tablet not a tablet? When it defies the stereotype and becomes a full-performance laptop? When it crosses the technological boundaries of an entertainment device and performs functions usually relegated to a more dedicated device? When you mark the day that you used it to watch a movie on the train, create a PowerPoint presentation at work, and watch your favorite television show at home—all on the same device?

A tablet is more than a tablet when it’s the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

Akitio: Reliable Storage Solutions for Video and Audio Production

Reliable storage solutions for video and audio production are sometimes difficult to narrow down. There are hundreds of options available, and it can be a bit overwhelming to navigate through all the online chatter on what best suits a user’s needs.


Editing Photos on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Traveling photographers are always looking for the perfect portable device, not only to upload their photos, but to edit them, as well. Many factors come into play, including dimensions (screen and device), weight, battery life, and more. Sleep is lost as one wrestles with the purchasing decision. Should a laptop be packed? No, it’s too big to nestle into a camera bag. It will fit in a carry-on. How about a tablet? Well, it’s small and light, but does it have the horsepower to do serious editing and storage? Maybe not.  

Just Announced: Synology DiskStation BeyondCloud NAS Servers


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