3D Printers Buying Guide

New Apple Announcements from WWDC 2014


The New MakerBot Display in the B&H SuperStore

Anyone walking into the B&H SuperStore yesterday may have thought they were on the set of a science-fiction movie. On Thursday, B&H launched a new 3D-printing display showcasing MakerBot products, including a working 3D printer that builds a three-dimensional object right there before your eyes.


WD My Cloud Mirror Backs Up and Protects Data

The Thunderbolt Docking Station for MacBook and Ultrabooks™ Users

The Thunderbolt-Equipped WD My Passport Pro Portable RAID Storage Device

New Drobo 4-Bay: The Most Advanced of its Line

Choosing a reliable way to securely store your important digital data is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. It’s not enough to just find a hard drive or SSD and transfer your data—you have to ask yourself if you want to mirror data, how you want to partition your drives, whether you are building storage solutions for your needs today or for future expandability. 

Apple Updates the MacBook Air

The ASUS Chromebox M004U Desktop Computer: A Box That Rocks

HP Z1 All-in-Ones Wed Power and Style in One Package

Why do All-in-One computers hold such sway over desktop computer users? Is it because the clean lines of the old iMacs were so futuristic and forward-thinking that PC users wanted to adopt them like shiny new robot puppies? Or are PC desktop users longing for the day when they can break the surly bonds of tried-and-true tower workstations and keep their desktop systems out in the open for everyone to see?


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