First-Look: The Datacolor Spyder5Pro

This video gives you a look at the Datacolor Spyder5, which comes in three different versions: the Express, Pro, and Elite. Each version features the same hardware, the differentiating factor being the bundled software, which adds features incrementally in each step-up version. The Spyder5 is compatible with both laptop and desktop computers, to calibrate all of your screens.

ASUS VivoPC: This Mini is No Mouse

Silvestri writes again, with a review of the ASUS VivoPC mini desktop computers, in this B&H article.

Portable Gaming: Power in the Palm of Your Hand

When I was a kid, before kids were invented, I had limited choices for portable gaming. I owned (and cherished) my Mattel Football handheld game, which was just a series of red dashes against a painted-on top-down football field on a hunk of plastic that weighed about a pound. Each time a play happened, there were a series of electronic squawks and squeaks that sounded like robot chipmunks arguing, and to tell the truth—the game was hard.

Everything You Need to Build Your Own Gaming Rig (for Less Than $1500)

This B&H article tells you how to build your own gaming PC, and outlines all the components you will need.

Sony Memory Cards: High-Performance Lineup for Creatives

Catch, Capture, Captivate. Sony’s new lineup of memory cards is made for creative professionals who need top speed and large capacities in their storage solutions. These cards are ideal for photography, videography, mobile devices, and more. Click on card images below for product page. 

Reinventing the Scanner with the IRIS Portable Lineup

Thsi B&H article is about IRIS scanners, unique solutions that offer great variety in their capable product lineup.

Dell XPS 13 Infinity Display Ultrabook™: Full HD or QHD+ Borderless Display


E3 2015: The Game’s Afoot!

In this B&H quick review by Scary Larry, get the latest scoop on games and accessories from the 2015 E3 Gaming Trade Show.


Introducing the 2015 Release of Adobe Creative Cloud

The latest release of Adobe Creative Cloud provides a creative platform that allows professionals to work seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices. A connected assets-based workflow, a vibrant and growing marketplace, and community features are also built into Creative Cloud.


Understanding Clock: Processor Base and Boost Speeds

In this B&H article, we discuss the essentials of base speed and clock speed that will help you choose a computer with the appropriate processor for your needs.


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