The HP ZBook Laptops: Power and Mobility

HP is already established as a manufacturer of high-end workstations that rival the Mac Pro and offer some of the most powerful processors, highest RAM loadouts, and most flexible video options. These desktop workstations are made specifically for professionals looking to maximize video, audio, and digital workloads that demand something more than standard PCs have to offer.

LaCie Goes Big with Storage Solutions


New Workstation Furniture: GORILLAdigital KONGcart


Thunderbolt™ 2 Speeds Up Your HP System as Much as 4x

Corning Optical Thunderbolt Cables

Corning Optical Cables can reach bi-directional, dual-channel transfer rates of up to 20Gb/s. They are also backwards compatible with Thunderbolt as well, although they will be limited to 10Gb/s. The cables are extremely thin and flexible; however, they do not supply bus power, requiring you to power your Thunderbolt device using an external power supply.


A Guide to HP Workstations

Most people don’t take the time to consider what their computer is and what it does until there’s a problem. Your computer is probably one of the most important devices in your life, right up there with your car and your cell phone. You use the computer for almost everything (including reading this article), but you don’t really give it the time of day. You maintain it and understand it, but you probably don’t consider getting rid of it just because something newer and sexier comes along.

Or do you?


Unveiled: Intel® Thunderbolt 2 Networking

For NAB, Intel® announced the wider adoption of Thunderbolt 2 and the introduction of Thunderbolt Networking technology. Thunderbolt 2 improves over Thunderbolt by allowing the full 20Gbp/s channel to be used for I/O, whereas before, 10Gbp/s was always reserved for display data.

Unveiled: New LaCie Thunderbolt 2 Storage Solutions

Thunderbolt 2 is a big deal. In fact, so was Thunderbolt 1. Developed by Intel®, Thunderbolt 1 provides two separate 10Gb/s channels, running in opposite directions. Thunderbolt 2 can combine the two separate 10Gb/s channels into a single 20Gb/s channel, but flowing in only one direction. It’s like opening both sides of a bridge to traffic in the same direction during rush hour. So, Thunderbolt 2 can be up to twice as fast as Thunderbolt 1, depending on where data needs to flow.

Unveiled: New HP DreamColor Displays

HP announced two new DreamColor displays today that once again see HP bringing to market critical color accuracy for digital artists, photographers, and videographers—the HP Z27x and HP Z24x displays for PCs and Macs. They provide up to 1.07 billion on-screen colors, giving them a color-correction error margin so small that it is not discernible by the human eye.

LaCie Fuel: Truly Wireless Wi-Fi Storage

I’ve said it many times before: when buying a tablet, make sure it has an SD or microSD card slot so that you can enhance the tablet’s internal memory. Most tablets now include a dedicated media card reader slot, but some notables do not—and without an expansion option for memory, you’re left with a very expensive brick that will immediately be filled with photos, movies, and music. 32GB of internal memory (assuming that the system requirements don’t use more than half of the internal memory) will hold roughly 25 high-definition movies, 7,000 songs, and 11,000 photos at 8 megapixels each.



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