Replacing Hard Drives in Your Video Game System

In writing up various computer products at B&H, the question of storage is always at the top of one’s mind. Does this laptop or desktop PC have enough storage? What about this tablet or even this smartphone? Basically, it boils down to how much storage is enough, and inevitably, how do I get more storage?

Comparison Chart of NAS Servers

This B&H articles compares the various types of NAS servers that are available for mega-data storage.

NAS Servers Explained

In this B&H article, you can read all about NAS servers and how they can store vast amounts of your data.

Cloud Services Explained

In this B&H article, you can learn about the options for cloud services and storage of large amounts of data.

Anatomy of a Solid-State Drive

The hard drive is one of the most essential parts of any desktop or laptop. Imagine buying a desktop with no storage options—where would you put your operating system? Where would you put all your movies and music? Where would you put the precious pictures of your children? Why won’t anyone think of the children?

Anatomy of a Hard Drive

There’s a lot of tech that we don’t understand, and consequently, a lot of tech that we don’t need to understand. Do I need to know how a Hadron Collider works? Probably not. Do I need to understand that the CD tray in my desktop computer is not a coffee cup holder? Probably.

Seven Thumb- and Brain-Busting iOS Games

The gaming industry has definitely experienced its highs and lows throughout the years, but the most encouraging trend has been the acceptance that gaming has found in players from every walk of life. From executives to soccer moms to executive soccer moms; from kids to adults and back again, gaming is as ingrained in our culture as social media. But there are so many games out there that it’s almost impossible to tell a good game from a bad game.

Computex 2015: New Computers and Android Wear from ASUS

At Computex 2015, ASUS is giving users an exciting glimpse of some upcoming products, including the Zen AiO PC, the ProArt PA32Q 32" UHD monitor, the Transformer Book T100HA, the ZenWatch 2, and the ZenPad.


Computex 2015: Intel Unveils Thunderbolt 3; Embraces USB-C

Whether you're a professional photographer, video editor, gamer, or someone who just wants to simplify their setup, Intel© has just made your life a little bit easier. At Computex 2015, Intel announced the arrival of Thunderbolt 3.


Apple WWDC 2015: All about Software

Apple's WWDC 15 was all about software. With the introduction of Mac OS X El Capitan, iOS 9, watchOS 2, and Apple Music, Apple was focused on providing a better user experience for its already popular devices.



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