ASUS Offers an All-in-One that May Be the One for All

Ever since Apple and the iMac, PC users have envied the slim, sleek all-in-one concept. But that green-eyed monster no longer has to rear its ugly head—all-in-one computers have made their debut, with Windows-based systems emerging last year to great success.

ASUS MB168B+ 15.6" Full HD USB-Powered Monitor

When you’re looking for a computer monitor, you look for a fast refresh rate, something sized to fit your needs, and an aesthetically pleasing design. You may be replacing a desktop monitor, docking your small-screen laptop to view images in a larger format, or looking to enhance your desktop experience with dual monitors.

ASUS PQ321Q 4K UHD Monitor

The term "4K" is thrown around so much these days that’s it’s becoming hard to determine what a 4K monitor is and what it should be used for. While we’re not going to get into that debate full force right now, you should know this—professional video and photo professionals use 4K monitors to showcase the truest, most visually appealing images possible to the human eye.

Unveiled: Samsung Covers the Galaxy with Tablets

Tablets may come and go—and they do—but some brand names stick around. While this past holiday season has shown us that you can buy a tablet from anywhere, and literally from any manufacturer, it’s also shown us that some manufacturers continue to pull out the stops when it comes to making quality tablets.

Adobe Welcomes 3D Printing to Photoshop CC

Adobe announced today that Photoshop CC has received new 3D printing capabilities. Available immediately as part of a major Adobe Creative Cloud update, Photoshop CC is looking to position itself as the go-to tool for 3D printing. The new 3D printing ability allows you to design 3D models from scratch, or modify an existing 3D model using familiar Photoshop tools. Automated mesh repair and support structure generation ensure that models will be ready for 3D printing. There is also a 3D preview option so you can look over your design with precise accuracy.

Editor's Note: This post was written by William Min

CES 2014: A Look at the NVIDIA VSync System [VIDEO]

In this video, Larry Becker, from the Kelby Media Group, speaks to Vijay Sharma, from NVIDIA, about the new VSync graphics system.

CES 2014: A Look at the New Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus

In this video, Larry Becker, from the Kelby Media Group, speaks to Doug Little, from Wacom, about their new, iPad-ready Intuos Creative Stylus.

CES 2014: A Look at the Intel® Edison, a Computer in an SD Card [VIDEO]

Intel announced a radical new technology at CES 2014 called Edison. It's a full-blown computer that resides inside an SD card. Operationally, it can behave like a traditional SD card. You can insert it into a card slot and save data to it. Since the Edison is a computer that runs on Linux, it can also run applications. You can run a program to automatically upload the saved files to the cloud, or to synchronize files from multiple cameras.

CES 2014: The 192-Core NVIDIA Tegra K1 Mobile Processor

Mobile gaming isn't going to be just about Candy Crush and Angry Birds anymore. At CES 2014, NVIDIA unveiled the revolutionary Tegra K1 mobile processor, which is a 192-core super chip featuring the same NVIDIA Kepler architecture found in their top-of-the-line graphics card: the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti. Next-gen PC gaming has finally arrived on the mobile platform.

Editor's Note: this post was written by William Min

CES 2014: ASUS Announces the Transformer Book Duet TD300

ASUS is no stranger to dual-OS computers. In fact, they showed one off in last year's CES, the ASUS Transformer P1801 18.4" Tablet & All-in-One Desktop Computer. On January 6, 2014, ASUS continued this trend by introducing the Transformer Book Duet TD300.

Editor's Note: this post was written by William Min


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