Wow-Fi: How to Get the Strongest Signal You Can at Home

Ten years ago, getting a steady Wi-Fi signal at home was almost unheard of. People were using routers with hardwired connections rather than trust the fleeting and often flaky connection that most communications providers were offering. It wasn’t until Netflix really started to push the streaming of movies into homes that Wi-Fi became a huge concern.

Cloud Printing with Canon Pixma Printers

In the following video, Larry Becker, from Kelby Media, introduces three new PIXMA all-in-one inkjet printers from Canon: the MG7120, MG6420, and MG5520. This video highlights the PIXMA printers’ impressive wireless functionality, including cloud printing, and mobile app support for iOS devices.

PhotoPlus 2013: Mobile Drives from G-Tech

G-Technology displayed their new G-Drive Slim and Mobile portable hard drives. Both drives offer 1TB capacity and 7200rpm. The Slim connects via USB 3.0 and the Mobile has USB 3.0 and FireWire 800 ports.

PhotoPlus 2013: Western Digital My Cloud

Western Digital displayed their 2TB, 3TB & 4TB My Cloud drives. Each drive has an Ethernet connection that allows you to create a personal cloud, and access it from wherever you have Internet access. There's an Android and iOS app, as well as PC and Mac desktop applications. The Mac and PC software allows you to perform backups.

PhotoPlus 2013: Sandisk Wireless Media and Wireless Flash Drives

SanDisk showcased two compact wireless storage devices. The wireless media drive is smaller than the average wallet and can stream content, including 1080p video, to up to five devices simultaneously. It charges via micro USB, and can run for up to eight hours when charged. There is no embedded storage; it comes with a full-sized SD card, which can be removed and upgraded to a max capacity of 128GB.

Tablets for Kids

It happens every holiday. I go racing down every aisle of every retailer in my neighborhood in a mad frenzy, competing with other harried parents as we search for that perfect doll or remote-control automobile, or remote-control doll or whatever the television has been screaming at my kids to buy. And in that insane crush, I always ask myself, “Am I buying the right gift for my kids?"

How to Buy a Tablet

Once upon a time, laptop PCs were considered to be the lightest, fastest mobile devices available. This was back when laptops weighed almost eight pounds and were about two inches thick when closed. Along came cellular phones, which also, at their inception, weren’t that portable either.

Operating Systems Updated: What's Changed?

When Windows 8 was released on August 1of this year, its reception was fairly mixed. With a heavy emphasis on the touch capabilities of tablets and touch-enabled computers, Microsoft unintentionally alienated many of its desktop users.

Sony Introduces New Portable Storage Solutions

Portable hard drives come and go. Some add a new twist, new interfaces, new styles. But Sony has always tried to stay ahead of the game, whether it’s with a new design or a new feature. They’ve done it again with a new portable lineup that includes two new compact hard drives and a very fast solid-state drive.

LenovoEMC Storage Solutions

In this video review, we discuss how storage requirements for casual and small business users have expanded, as well as  the solutions that Lenovo EMC presents to help consumers with their data storage needs. We showcase the Lenovo EMC px2-300d, px-4 300d, and the px6-300d, with it's own capacity ranges (from two-bay to six-bays of storage space for your hard drives).


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