CES 2015: Dell Revitalizes Consumer Device Lineup

Whether you are in search of one of the smallest 13-inch laptops available, a gaming laptop with desktop-class graphics, or a full-featured laptop complete with a 4k touch display, Dell has you covered. In addition to the long list of portable computing options, you can take your viewing experience to new dimensions with the Dell UltraSharp 34" curved 4k display, offering a truly immersive visual experience.

Dell XPS 13 and XPS 15


CES 2015: Introducing the 5th-Generation Intel Core "Broadwell" Processors

Intel announced its new 5th-generation Broadwell chip. Read about it at

Is it a Tablet? Is it a Laptop? Meet the Acer Switch 10 and Acer Switch 11

The Acer Switch combines the portability of a tablet with the productivity of a laptop. Available in 10.1" and 11.6" versions, the Acer Switch is all about choice. You can choose to use it as a traditional laptop or detach it from the keyboard to use it as a tablet.


Purple Reign: WD Purple Drives

Surveillance gear is becoming as ubiquitous as smartphones these days. From broadcast to baby monitors, from bodegas to Big Brother, you hear and see surveillance in almost every nightly newscast and website. Pricing for surveillance equipment has dropped so much that even big box retail stores, usually in the market to sell you lumber and tools, now sell boxed sets of surveillance equipment.

10 Laptops for Different Kinds of Users

Trying to find the right laptop computer? Read this roundup of 10 laptop computer recommendations, at

Why Doesn't Your Wi-Fi Fly? Tips and Tricks to Power up Your Home Wi-Fi

Read about the ways you can improve the Wi-Fi network in your home, at


Must-Have Tools for Laptop Blogging, Sofa Workstations, and Home Offices

Fidn out what you need to carry with you when you blog on the go or work from home.


Hands-On Review: the B&H Gift Card

One of the cool things about working at B&H is the opportunity some of us have to check out the latest gear from top manufacturers in the electronics world. Envy often circulates when someone gets the call to review a hot new camera or piece of gear. Everyone around me was beyond jealous when I had the opportunity to test the ultimate score: the B&H Gift Card.

Gamers Unite, with ASUS ROG Series Desktops and Laptops

Read about ASUS gaming PCs at B&


15 Recommended External Hard Drives for Everyday Use

Read a B&H article about stand-alone external hard drives for storing large amounts of data.


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