Pelican Elite Coolers: Bear-Proof and Travel Ready

Learn how Pelican Elite Coolers can withstand bear attacks, and keep ice alive for ten days.

B&H Gear News Roundup: July 25, 2014

This week in the news: Pentax announced the new K-3 Prestige Edition DSLR and battery grip, both of which feature an eye-catching gunmetal finish. Fujifilm unveiled its X-mount lens roadmap, which shows the upcoming lenses through the end of 2015—and it's peppered with some new additions. And new audio gear from Dave Smith Instruments, Novation, and PreSonus was announced at Summer NAMM 2014.


Unveiled: The Pentax K-3 Prestige Edition DSLR Camera and Battery Grip

New Prestige Edition of the popular Pentax K-3 DSLR.


The Canon Lens Experience: Everything You Need to Know about Canon Lenses

Everything you've always wanted to know about Canon DSLR lenses—and then some.


Photoshop Grab Bag: Crowd-Sourced Questions and How-To Answers

Is trying to master certain aspects of Photoshop making you pull your hair out in frustration? The Event Space and expert Andy Graber are here to help. We are trying something new with this class: We are asking YOU to help us design the curriculum by interacting with us on social media. What aspects of Photoshop are you having trouble with? What is it you need to learn about? We want to know. Contact us on Facebook or Twitter to tell us. Please visit the "Photoshop Grab Bag" post on our Facebook page and post your questions or problems in the Comments section there.

Introduction to High-Speed 4K Workflows

The introduction of 4K video to the masses is delivering the unprecedented levels of quality and realism that audiences demand. 4K also brings with it massive amounts of data that can slow traditional video workflows down to a crawl. In the face of the ever-increasing requirement for a lightning-fast video editing pipeline, HP Workstations and Thunderbolt 2 are powering a new generation of interconnected devices designed to accelerate your workflow.

Bullets, Baseball, and Men in Gray Suits

David Hume Kennerly has been shooting on the front lines of history for six decades. He has covered wars and the people who started them, major sporting events including the 1969 Miracle Mets-winning World Series, and every other kind of story imaginable. He has done portrait sessions with kings, queens, presidents, soldiers in the field, and Indonesian fishermen.

Getting the Most Out of Your Images: An Introduction to Shooting RAW With Capture One

For more than a decade, Capture One has been the industry standard software among professional photographers shooting raw. In this video, Jon Gilbert discusses why you should be shooting in raw with your DSLR, and how Capture One can help you get the most out of it. Learn how shooting raw will allow you to achieve perfect color and exposure in your images, even when dramatically over- or underexposed.

The Magic Of Speedlights : How To Create a Studio Look Anywhere, Anytime

Professional lighting results with minimal space and gear: let Gary Fong demonstrate how to transform any space into a professional studio easily and with minimal equipment. Explore the possibilities of using simple lighting setups to produce high-fashion, dramatic images that will set you apart as a photographer. Learn how to maneuver through many "looks" in a single space to provide the most variety for your clients in the least amount of time.

Unveiled: Two New Canon Super-Zooms, the PowerShot SX520 HS and SX400 IS

Canon has just added two new super-zoom point-and-shoots to their expansive line of PowerShot digital cameras; the SX520 HS and SX400 IS. As part of the esteemed SX-series of cameras, these two new offerings are contextualized by their high degree of imaging capabilities, versatile zoom lenses, and convenient form factors.



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