Unveiled: ARRI L5 LED Fresnels

ARRI has just announced the L5 Fresnel as the lightweight, compact addition to its L-series LED Fresnels. Half the weight and half the size of the L7, the L5 adds direct battery input to make it an ideal choice for on-location productions. Considering its smaller form factor, the output is still 45% brighter than a traditional 300W tungsten Fresnel, yet it consumes only 115W of power.


Unveiled: Sony a7S Mirrorless Digital Camera

Released on the heels of the a7 and a7R mirrorless cameras, at the end of 2013, Sony has just announced the third model in this series: the a7S. Unlike the previous two models, the a7S, which stands for “Sensitivity,” is built with an entirely different kind of image-maker in mind.

B&H Gear News Update for April 4, 2014

This week in the news:

  • Ahead of NAB 2014, Canon announced the XF200 and XF205 camcorders, a 17-120mm CINE-SERVO lens, and added Dual Pixel CMOS AF to the C100.
  • Olympus unveiled the retro-styled Stylus SH-1 compact digital camera, and the new Stylus TG-3 “tough” camera.

DX vs. FX: It's Not a Debate, It's a Choice

A friend of mine recently took a step into a brave new world of digital SLR photography when she shelved her point-and-shoot camera and purchased a Nikon D5300 and kit lens. The purchase was not without an amount of trepidation: confusing controls, buttons everywhere, multi-function interfaces, knobs, an interchangeable lens, and increased size.

Wedding Photography Tips: Lighting with Moshe Zusman

In this quick tutorial, wedding photographer Moshe Zusman talks about how he handles lighting with different tools and light shapers. He suggests using off-camera flash for more creativity; you can start with speed lights, and then advance to studio systems with light-shaping tools such as softboxes, grid diffusers, and umbrellas. For more flexibility, you can use wireless triggering systems to fire your camera and flash.


From Film Cameras to Glowing LCDs: Night Photography, with Lance Keimig

Next weekend, in Tarrytown, New York, the Headless Horseman will ride again through the storied Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. This time, however, the equestrian rider will not slip through the area unnoticed, as a small band of night photographers, led by Lance Keimig, will be on scene to capture the excitement through the dark of night.

Shooting Your Passion: Techniques and Ideas for Social, Environmental, and Cause-Related Photography

Mexican native Cristina Mittermeier has incorporated her life experiences into her photography. Being a marine biologist, writer, and mom has helped her create a unique body of work. In this video, she shares the inspirational story of how she became one of the world’s top cultural and conservation photographers. Topics in this seminar include technical aspects of photography as well as how to approach not-for-profit organizations.


Optical Brightening Agents in Photo Paper: Good or Bad?

Optical brightening agents (OBAs) are chemical agents that are used in many kinds of paper to make them whiter. However, the question is: can they have a negative impact on the look of your photos? Depending on your printing needs, the issues could be numerous—or nonexistent.

OBA content is an important consideration when deciding how to frame or archive photographs.

Did You Guess the Gear? The Patterson Darkroom Safelight

In last week's "Guess the Gear" section of B&H Explora, we featured a cropped image of a relatively bare, orange spherical object.


B&H Gear News Update for March 28, 2014

This week in the news...



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