Impact Mini LiteTrek (LT) Power Pack

In this video, we take a look at the Impact Lite Trek (LT) Power Pack.  This power pack is intended for photographers on the go who  require portable DC-battery power for their camera flash or monolight.

HDSLR Guide Chapter 9: More Supports

With all of the HDSLR handheld and shoulder supports available, a tripod is still the most stable form for mounting a camera. The stability factor becomes even more important when the HDSLR rolling shutter issue is considered, because the issue is exacerbated by motion. For this reason, unless the camera must be moved around to follow action, a tripod is an ideal way to support the camera.

Using Your Flash in Manual Mode

With FlashThe off camera flash is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in our camera bags. It can serve as our main light source, an accent light, or be used to simply fill in shadow areas of a high contrast scene. Recently I have been experimenting using the flash to illuminate foreground subjects in the landscape. I first came up with the idea when photographing a lava beach in Hawaii.

HDSLR Guide Chapter 10: Remote Operation

Most handheld HDSLR setups make it impractical to start and stop recording because the buttons are on the back of the camera and the operator’s hands will generally be positioned elsewhere gripping handles on a support or tripod. That's not to say it isn't possible; it's just not easy. Some SLR remotes (not all) can control the start/stop function of the camera in Live/Video Mode.

HDSLR Guide Chapter 11: Recording Media

HDSLRs accept either Secure Digital (SD) or CompactFlash (CF) cards. Some, like the Nikon D300s and Canon 1D Mark IV, can accept both.

HDSLR Guide Chapter 12: Direct-To-Disk

Many users would benefit tremendously if there was a way to record uncompressed or less compressed video using an external device. While this is possible using the HDMI output from the Canon T2i, 7D and 1D Mark IV (5D Mark II outputs 480p during recording), the resulting image will be less then the full resolution recorded by the camera.

Impact LiteTrek 4.0 Monolight and Battery Kit

In this video, we take a look at the Impact Lite Trek 4.0 Monolight and Power Pack Kit. This kit is intended for photographers on the go who require a DC-powered camera flash system. The greatest benefit, when using DC-powered flash units, is that no electrical outlets are needed.  You can shoot seaside, mountainside, or virtually anywhere without being bound by electrical cords. Imagine the possibilities.


Just Add Water

A few weeks back, I was exploring a rock formation near the Little Colorado River. I found a number of petroglyphs. It occurred to me that almost all the petroglyphs and ruins I've encountered in the Southwest were near rivers or streams. The ancient desert people had compelling practical reasons for living near water. I suspect, though, that they also enjoyed simply looking at it.

I love to include water in my photographs. Judging by what I see on photography forums, I'm not alone. Water can significantly improve a photographic composition.  It's worth considering why.

B&H Featured Flickr Photos 5/06/2011

Are your photos featured this week? Read more to see this week's selection from our B&H Photo Flickr Group. If you haven't joined already, what are you waiting for?

HDSLR Guide Chapter 13: Audio

The audio capabilities on HDSLRs are relatively limited and in many situations will produce unusable sound. Professional users have to contend with a range of issues, such as low quality built-in mics and automatic gain control. Thankfully, there are workarounds for a wide spectrum of uses and budgets.


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