Black-and-White Landscape Photography

Though I was raised and grazed on film I have no qualms admitting I haven’t shot a roll of the stuff since August 2001 (with a Nikon N90 and Fujifilm Astia in case you’re curious). I appreciate film, respect film and certainly miss the disciplined aspects of shooting film, but at the end of the day I’m perfectly happy with digital imaging, warts and all. 

The Cokin Creative Filter System

Of all the square and rectangular filter systems available these days, probably the best known is the Cokin Creative System. Launched in France by photographer Jean Coquin in 1972, Cokin’s reputation stretches around the world.

Photographing Seascapes

Seascapes are about sky, water, the physical dynamics of the points at which they meet, reflections and mirror imaging and most of all, the unique qualities of moisture-filtered light that one can only find where sky meets water.

Light Meters

Light meters work by measuring the ambient or reflected light levels within the area you plan on photographing. Using medium gray, or 18% gray as a reference point, the meter takes this information and converts it to a combination of shutter speeds and lens-aperture openings. 

Diving in Alaska, and the Rules of Underwater Photography

When people think of traveling for scuba diving, they think of warm blue water locations such as the Red Sea, Australia, Fuji, the Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, and Bonaire. But Alaska? The green rich waters of this temperate rain forest are full of life and photographic opportunities. A trip to Alaska is a true adventure, both above and below the surface. My dive buddy Olga Torrey and I decided to experience Alaska on the liveaboard dive boat, the Nautilus Swell. This 100-year-old refurbished tugboat is the perfect platform for cold-water exploration, and is very photographer-friendly. The crew is well versed in dive procedures in this very different environment. We would board the boat in Juneau, and after a week of diving, we would depart from Sitka.

Announcing the B&H Photo and Focal Press Field Guide Giveaway

We're teaming up with Focal Press to give you some reading material to polish your photo skills. You'll have a chance to win The Photographer's Eye Field Guide, The DSLR Field Guide, The Bird Photography Field Guide, The Exposure Field Guide, The Landscape Photography Field Guide, and we're also throwing in the Wedding Photography Field Guide. Three lucky winners will have the chance to win all of these titles. Details to win are after the jump.

Don't Hate HDR

Everyone in photography has an opinion when the word HDR is mentioned. Sometimes it is all about perceptions or misconceptions. In this blog post, I'm hoping to change your mind or your thought process a little, when you hear the term HDR.

AEO Lightning and Motion Triggering Devices

If you’ve ever tried to photograph lightning or similar now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t phenomena, you’re well aware of how difficult an undertaking it can be. Lightning strikes without warning and nary a hint as to where in the skies it will appear and in what form—and by the time you see it, it’s invariably gone.

Manfrotto Everyday User Bags, Cases and Apparel

When it comes to camera bags, there’s a seemingly unlimited choice of styles, shapes and colors designed to satisfy the needs of the pickiest beginner, hobbyist or professional photographer. If you can think it, it probably already exists in a form quite close to what you imagine it to be.

Manfrotto Hobbyist Bags, Cases and Apparel

Manfrotto’s Stile Collection of camera/computer cases, bags and pouches are constructed from lightweight, weather-resistant nylon and are designed to complement active, on-the-go lifestyles.


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