Zacuto DSLR Rigs Episode 1: DSLR Rig Basics

Our three-part series on Zacuto DSLR rigs opens with an informative primer on handheld support rigs for DSLR cameras, detailing their basic operation and their benefits. 

Zacuto DSLR Rigs Episode 2: Part by Part

Each Zacuto DSLR rig is modular, meaning it’s made up of discrete parts that can be added to expand its functionality—or subtracted to make a rig more compact and lightweight. These interchangeable parts all serve specific purposes.

Zacuto DSLR Rigs Episode 3: Complete Systems

Zacuto DSLR rigs are each the sum of several individual parts, but for convenience’s sake the company offers several pre-designed rigs that serve specific shooting needs. Of course, these full systems can be further customized almost without limitation.

How to Capture Sharper Images with Super-Zoom Point and Shoots

When it comes to handholding telephoto lenses, the generally recognized rule is that you should never handhold any lens at a shutter speed slower than the equivalent focal length of the lens. 

Giottos New VGR Tripods Convert to Monopods

Construction aside, one of the key attributes to be taken into consideration when shopping for a tripod is the degree of flexibility the tripod offers when it's used in an environment that is not ideal. 

Discerning the Differences between the Nikon D800 and D800E

With the announcement of the Nikon D800 and the D800E, you might wonder which camera is best for you. This article is intended to highlight the crucial differences between the two cameras and ultimately help you decide which camera better suits your needs.

35mm Film Scanner Roundup

If you began your love affair with photography back in the days of film, raise your hand. OK. Now raise your hand if you still have a darkroom in which you still print your slides and negatives. I thought so*.

New Lexar Memory Cards Can Keep Up With Any Camera

If you’ve got a recently made digital camera or camcorder but are using older memory cards in them, you could be headed for trouble. Not only does it take a lot of time to transfer data from older memory cards, the older cards might not be able to store data fast enough to keep up with newer cameras.

Taming the Sun: Lens Flare, and How to Deal with It

Every experienced photographer knows and fears lens flare. Most often, we associate it with those horribly distracting 'stars' of light we see through our viewfinder and in our images when shooting into the sun. But not everyone knows that lens flare doesn't only affect those shots—it is part of every image we capture. So knowing how to reduce its effect is a valuable tool in many shooting situations.

The Tools and Techniques of Panoramic Photography

There’s something about the shape or aspect ratio of panoramic photographs that always makes you slow down for a closer look. Most of the pictures we view on a regular basis in print or online are invariably horizontal, in 3:2 or 4:3 rectangular aspect ratios, which can be visually digested with a quick pass or two of our eyes.


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