B&H Photo Flickr Group Photos 8/12/2011

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Your Best Pet/Animal Portrait

Nap Time

A little while ago, we asked you to share your favorite pet and animal portraits in our Flickr Group. We received loads of amazing photos from your archives, and you proceeded to tell us a little story about the photos. Here are some of the best.

Photo by Rich Frollini "My little boy loved the sleeping Mandrill at the Pittsburgh Zoo. He kept yelling 'Wake up, monkey !!!"'

Variable Apertures and Depth of Field

It’s interesting to note how many photographers, even advanced shooters, are mistakenly under the impression that the depth of field (DOF) of a variable-aperture zoom lens changes in relation to the effective aperture of the lens as you zoom toward the telephoto end of the optic’s zoom range.

Don't Be Afraid of Asking Someone for Their Portrait

On a recent photo safari with the B&H Event Space, we pulled random people off the streets of NYC for quick photoshoots with attendees. Throughout, I noticed timidness in many photographers while shooting portraits of people they didn't know. Your fears are going to hold you back from creating better portraits. If you can adjust your thinking a bit, and internalize some basic principles, you'll be shooting with confidence regularly. Here are a couple of tips to rid yourself of your fears.

Back to School: 7 Essentials for Your Student

Tossing the Caps

School will be back in session soon, and your student will probably need to snag a couple of items. Think about the list: it's probably huge. No matter what major (or age) they are, you'll be able to find most of what you need here at B&H. If you've got a student in your life (or are one) getting ready to go back to school, here are some items that you may need when you head back.

 Image by Mike Wacht Photography via the B&H Photo Flickr Group

Meet B&H: The Consumer Video Dept

Every great filmmaker needs to start somewhere. Some people aspire to be the next big thing on YouTube, others want to be an Indie Cult Lord, while others dream of having their names likened to that of Speilberg. If you've got the vision, we've got the tools. Our Consumer Video Dept houses almost any consumer-level camcorder you could name and more. Everything we have is on display for you to try for yourself. If you have questions, our experts will help to educate you about some essential accessories such as converter lenses, batteries, filters, memory, and even video tapes!

Begin your photo tour of the B&H Photo Video Pro Audio Consumer Video Department by clicking Read and Discuss.

A Pro Photographer Who Uses a MacBook Air?

I have blogged, lectured and argued for many years that a camera is nothing more than a tool that solves a given photographer’s problem. A camera brand is not a symbol of loyalty to one kind of photography, nor is it some kind of credential for membership in some kind of “club.” The sooner each photographer starts to figure out what their particular challenges are, and which camera works for them to resolve those challenges (regardless of brand), the sooner they will start making the kind of photographs they want. Recent experience has taught me that I need to start talking the same way about the laptop computers that photographers use for digital image processing.

Printing with Rounded Corners Brought to You by KelbyTraining and B&H Photo

In this video, KelbyTraining's experts show you how to set up a rounded border around your images in Adobe Lightroom 3. The white rounded border will help you to make your images look better for a print. Different ways to get this done for the future, such as making presets, are also demonstrated.

Focal Length and Camera-to-Subject Distance Affect the Visual Dynamics of Your Photographs

In the movie Jaws, there’s a scene in which actor Roy Scheider, playing Martin Brody, the Chief of Police of the fictitious Cape Cod town of Amity, first spots the central character of the movie: a Great White (mechanical) shark, now on display at the Aadlen Brothers U-Pick Parts in California.

Did You Win a BlackRapid R-Strap?

Yesterday was the deadline for the BlackRapid R-Strap (RS-5) contest. We had a numerous amount of really outstanding entries, some of which were featured half way through the contest. So you're all probably itching to know if you've won or not. Click Read and Discuss to see if your image made it.


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