Lowel Rifa eXchange

Lowel’s Rifa Lites have long been popular lighting tools for photographers who need or desire a continuous light source that produces a soft, flattering light and folds down narrow enough to slip into a tube for fast and easy transit to and from assignments.

Lowel SoftCore Lighting System

The Lowel SoftCore Lighting Systemis designed to turn any softbox you might currently own into a cool-running, fluorescent lamp based lighting system containing up to five 80W CRI fluorescent lamps. 

Lowel TRIO 1 Lighting System

If the nature of your photographic work requires swaths of even, continuous light, Lowel’s TRIO 1 is well worth investigating. Designed for use with your choice of 55W high CRI, daylight- or tungsten-balanced fluorescent lamps, Lowel’s TRIO 1 lamp heads are well suited for portraiture and mid-sized tabletop applications.

Lowel Blender

Maintaining clean color balance when shooting stills and video in mixed lighting has long been problematic in portraiture, fashion, beauty and textile applications. But with the introduction of the Lowel Blender, maintaining color balance is easy.

Fast Glass

The number of fast, wide-aperture prime optics we carry at B&H has grown over the past year, and in a world that has become increasingly populated by slower, variable aperture zooms, this is encouraging news.

Tough and Rugged Point-and-Shoot Cameras

When you read the selling points of professional-grade cameras such as Canon’s 1D series and Nikon’s D3 series, the manufacturers make a point of discussing the heavy-duty construction and exhaustive measures of weatherproofing that go into their respective cameras.

Ricoh GR Digital IV

There’s something inherently seductive about a compact camera with a fast, fixed, wide-angle lens and a top ISO of 3200, especially if you’ve got a thing for low-light street shooting or taking pictures in places where tripods and flash are frowned upon or downright prohibited.

Holiday 2012: Using Macro Lenses

There’s something rather thrilling about being able to examine something up close, and it can be anything, a common object or otherwise. If it’s in print form, so much the better, because when viewing prints—especially larger prints—you don’t have to squint through a viewfinder to see it.

Bonaire: Not Just Pretty Fishies

Bonaire, along with Aruba and Curaçao, form a Caribbean Island group referred to as the ABC islands. They are located north of Venezuela. The island has pristine reefs close to shore, and is below the hurricane belt. Many people consider this island “Diver's Paradise,” just as it says on the automobile license plates. When a group of friends said they were going to Bonaire, my dive partner Olga Torrey and I decided that after a season of Northeast wreck diving, practicing photography at Dutch Springs, and a trip to the cold waters of Alaska, a nice and easy pretty-fish trip should be put on the calendar.

A Matter of Perspective

If you've ever flown over the Grand Canyon or Rocky mountains at 35,000 feet, you already know how humbling and enlightening this experience can be. Tall mountains appear small, almost flush to the plains leading up to them.  


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