Underwater Flash

There are many accessories that are helpful or necessary for taking photos underwater. Buying an underwater housing is just the beginning. An external flash is your most important accessory. 

Getting the Best Results from Your New Camera

Let’s face it: aside from getting together with family and friends to celebrate the holiday season, the neatest part of the holidays is the exchange of gifts. And if you’re reading this article, there’s a pretty good chance you just received a new camera, a new lens, a flash or some sort of photo-related goodie as a holiday gift (hopefully something you have been pining for).

Binoculars Buying Guide

Binoculars are two identical telescopes ganged together so that a person can look through them with both eyes simultaneously, providing a three-dimensional image similar to what would be seen without the use of binoculars. 

Real Exposures: A Conversation with Vincent Laforet

Recently, our very own David Brommer chatted with famous photographer and cinematographer Vincent Laforet. They discussed filmmaking, creativity, technology, his photographic upbringing, and his new book, Visual Stories.

Get into the mind of the master himself. Check out the video after the jump.

Petrol Professional Bags and Cases

Professionals, particularly the ones who work on location and often under extreme conditions, are particularly picky when it comes to selecting the bags and cases they choose to transport their cameras, lights and audio equipment.

Filters for Lenses

If you ask most consumer-camera owners why they keep a filter on their lens, a majority will most likely reply, “For protection.” Although filters do, in fact, protect the surface of your lens against dust, moisture and the occasional thumb print, the primary function of lens filters is really to improve the image quality of the pictures you take—depending on the filter you’re using and how you use it—in a variety of obvious and not-so-obvious ways.

Cold-Weather Photography

Even though the leaves are down and your frost-laden lawn makes crunchy sounds when you cross it in the morning, that doesn’t mean it’s time to pack your cameras away until March or April; if you do, you’re going to miss some fine picture-taking opportunities.

Tamron Lenses for Full Frame, APS-C and Mirror-less Camera Systems

Tamron has been in the business of manufacturing quality optics for over 60 years now, and in that time they’ve developed a loyal following of dedicated photo enthusiasts. The lenses are available with lens mounts compatible with film and digital cameras from Canon, Nikon, Pentax, and Sony/Minolta.

Extreme Telephoto and Zoom Lens Roundup

Say the word “telephoto” and many shooters automatically think “Oh, telephotos bring things closer.” Now while this is true—particularly in the mind’s eye of newbies to the sport—the imaging abilities of telephoto lenses go well beyond “bringing things closer.”

An Instant Tradition

This past Thanksgiving I did a little experiment involving my boyfriend’s family: I brought a gaggle of instant cameras to the festivities. Seeing as he’s the love of my life, I wanted to bond more with his relatives. I wasn’t sure that everyone would be into this idea of mine, but I thought it just might work. That or they’d be dreading the next holiday where I would be in attendance. Guess what? It worked!


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