Original and Simple: Seven Essential Secrets to Outstanding Photography

In this B&H Event Space video, veteran photographer Joe DiMaggio takes decades’ worth of experience and distills it down to nine elements that will enhance your photography. Both amateurs and budding professionals will benefit from this fast-paced, two-hour presentation. Some of the themes discussed include the following categories.

The immediacy of a photograph: When later is unacceptable

Exposure: Night and day and it’s off the chart!

Composition: The rule of thirds and harmony

B&H Gear News Update for March 14, 2014

This Week in the News:

  • The Nikon 1 V3 Mirrorless Camera and two 1 NIKKOR lenses were announced
  • A bunch of exciting new audio gear was revealed at Musikmesse 2014
  • Sony and Panasonic made progress with their Archival Disc project
  • Apple released iOS 7.1, with new features, UI tweaks, and bug fixes

The New Nikon 1 V3 Mirrorless Camera and 1 NIKKOR Lenses


Unveiled: Nikon 1 V3 Mirrorless Digital Camera and Two NIKKOR Zooms

One of the many attractions of mirrorless system cameras is that despite their compact form factor, they don’t sacrifice image quality. Nikon plainly embraced this philosophy with the original V and J series cameras, delivering small but feature-packed offerings.

What is a Portfolio?

This video brings you a seminar on how to prepare a strong portfolio for gallery presentation. Through a workshop that includes a question-and-answer process, Lois Youmans and Sandra Carrion guide you in a dialog to help you explore your vision, find your voice, and create a series of images that will become a cohesive body of work, as well as explaining what a gallery wants and expects to see, and how to present the final product to make it the best representation of you and your work. Bring along your definition of fine art photography and be prepared to learn.

Getting It Out There: Photographers Courting Galleries

How do you determine the best venue for showing your photographs? Lois Youmans and Sandra Carrion present several techniques for selecting and approaching galleries, such as:

Speedlites: The Power and Possibilities

Lighting is easily the most important aspect of photography. You could even go as far as saying that lighting is photography: It is even in the word itself: "photography" is Greek for "light drawing," or "drawing with light." Without light, you cannot take photos. It is perfectly possible to take amazing photographs with a very simple camera—as long as the lighting is good.

How to Ask People for Money: The Anatomy of a Pitch

In order to be a successful individual artist, it’s an unfortunate reality that one must ask for money. Sadly, however, it seems that many artists have no idea how to approach this uncomfortable subject, and don’t know what to say, falling completely flat in a situation with unlimited potential. In this seminar, participants learn how to construct a pitch in a way that's designed to be completely successful. We create a useable outline you can follow and tailor to your individual needs. Some participants practice pitching in front of the group and get feedback on their pitch.

Photographing Wildlife for National Geographic Magazine

Steve Winter has spent decades traveling to remote places to photograph endangered wildlife, especially big cats for National Geographic magazine. He works closely with scientists to cover stories about wildlife and the impact that humans are having on the environment. His goal as a conservation photojournalist is to help protect species and the ecosystems they inhabit. He now divides his time between shooting stories for National Geographic and working as Director of Media for Panthera, the world’s largest big-cat conservation organization.

The '40s Glamour Portrait

Join Bob Harrington on a photographic trip to the past. Let him show you how to achieve the high-contrast look of the black-and-white glamour portrait, reproducing those classic old Hollywood black-and-white glamour shots of actresses like Lauren Bacall, Joan Crawford, or Veronica Lake, using only 3 speedlights and a small selection of Rogue Flashbenders.

A Chat with Elizabeth Greenberg of the Maine Media Workshops

B&H wasn't the only photographic institution to celebrate its 40th anniversary last year. The venerable Maine Media Workshops did so, as well. In this article, Gabriel Biderman, from B&H, chats with Elizabeth Greenberg, the Vice President of Academic Affairs at the Maine Media Workshops and College, about the unique experience their workshops provide.

Let's get to know you better, Elizabeth. What's your background in photography and the arts?


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