Tips and Techniques for Creating Memorable Landscape Photographs, with Michael Melford

In this video on photo techniques produced during the 2015 B&H Optic Imaging Conference, LIFE and National Geographic photographer, Michael Melford, talks about the masters of landscape photography, what makes for a great image, and techniques to improve your practice. Topics discussed include the importance of creating interesting pictures without getting caught up in the rules of composition, appreciating the work of the masters of painting, and getting the most out of your gear.

Video: Mastering Small Flashes for Location Lighting

Take a deep dive into making effective use of flash in your photography with National Geographic photographer Bob Krist, who's honed his techniques over decades of shooting for magazines and crafting best-selling photo books. You'll learn how to create natural-looking flash photos and blend flash with available light. He covers technique, including fill flash and how to use it, slow synch flash—which he calls the most important of flash techniques—bounce flash, and using found surfaces and reflectors.

Video: Tips for Zooming in on Wildlife and Improving Your Macro Photography

Frustrated with taking blurry macro images? In this video, from the 2015 OPTIC Imaging Conference, Roman Kurywczak will teach you how to take stunning, tack-sharp macro images, whether out in the field or in a studio setting. Macro photography can take the viewer into another world and the act of making the images transports the photographer into a shooting nirvana. Roman will show you how to take your macro images to the next level and help you create your own stunning works of art!

Video: Infrared landscape photography, The Art and Technique

From the 2015 OPTIC Imaging Conference, photographer Laurie Klein expresses her experience with and enthusiasm for infrared photography and discusses how to select the right infrared equipment for landscape photography. She also delves into different methods and techniques to capture perfect images in varying light and situations. Whether you're a newbie or an experienced photographer, if you're interested in learning more about this artistic medium and unique look, this presentation will refresh your photography.

Photography for the Greater Good: Making a Difference, with David Middleton

In this video from the 2015 B&H Optic Imaging Conference, photographer David Middleton discusses the fact that there is more to photography than camera-club competitions and filling your walls with prints. Middleton shares how photography can also be about helping someone else. Using images from Bhutan, Uganda, Kenya, Vermont, and New Mexico, he highlights the simple and profound effects your photography can have on improving other people's lives, whether it is in your own neighborhood or in a country far away.

Tips and Strategies for Mastering Color in Photoshop, with John Paul Caponigro

This video, from the 2015 B&H Optic Imaging Conference, will take your color to new frequencies. Learn new ways of thinking about color that will help you see and produce truly pleasing images. Photographer John Paul Caponigro, with his calming and inspirational tones, discusses the complicated elements of color science, as well as color psychology, color management and, of course, color adjustment in Photoshop.

Tips for Using the iPhone Camera as a Creative Sketchpad, with Tony Sweet

In this video, the 2015 B&H Optic Imaging Conference photographer Tony Sweet talks about the creative aspects and benefits of making photographs with iPhone cameras. Supplement your iPhone creativity with a series of images, creative app use, and short process videos.

Video: Tell the Critters' Tales; Tips to Photograph Small Animals

In this video from the 2015 B&H Optic Imaging Conference, wildlife photographer Moose Peterson offers tips on how to best capture stills and video of smaller animals out in the wild. With simple biology combined with technology, you can bring back not only those memorable photographs, but also the stories that reach out and touch the heartstrings of your viewers. All it takes is a basic understanding of critters and photography to be successful. Light, f/stop, biology, and heart are all part of the recipe that Peterson shares.

FocusEd: ISO Explained

In this week’s video, FocusEd discusses ISO. ISO is a measurement of a digital sensor’s (or films) sensitivity to light. This video goes into detail about when to use different ISO settings, as well as explaining native, standard, and boosted ISO for your digital camera.

5 Questions For Colby Brown About the Sony A7RII

The B&H SuperStore is pleased to be hosting a live-streamed panel conversation on the incredible Sony a7R II Mirrorless Digital Camera. Panelists include photographers and camera experts who have had the chance to use this new full frame camera, as well as Sony and B&H representatives. For more information see our dedicated webpage for the August 12th, 2pm event.


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