My Photo Workflow: Post-Production and Printing, Part 2

As covered in Part 1 of this series, I briefly explained my yearning to work with film and how I was trained to use it, even though my formal education coincided with the rise in popularity of digital photography.


Shooting Hoops: Brooklyn Nets Photographer Adam Pantozzi

Had I not arrived two hours prior to tip-off, I never would have seen what a jack-of-all-trades Brooklyn Nets photographer Adam Pantozzi is required to be. Pantozzi has been shooting for the Nets for almost ten years, and has moved with them from the Meadowlands, to Newark, and as of last year, to their new home at the intersection of Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues in Brooklyn.

Photographing National Parks

America’s national parks, along with being natural treasures, are a gift to photographers of all levels. Chris Nicholson discusses how to go about researching a shoot in the parks, the best photo gear to bring along, the ancillary equipment and logistics for maximizing the experience, how and why to geo-tag images, info on the most accessible parks for photographers based in the Northeast, and more.

The Samsung NX30 Mirrorless Digital camera

In the following video, Larry Becker presents an overview of the Samsung NX30 mirrorless digital camera and covers its imaging performance and expansive range of connectivity abilities. The video begins with information on the NX30's general design, including its ergonomic grip, tilting EVF, and tilting LCD monitor, and expands into its AF and shooting performance.

Insights Into the Art and Craft of Landscape Photography

Landscape photography entails the capture of light, color, shape, texture, and emotion to convey your opinion about the natural world. While technical proficiency is important, it is the meaning and vision that you impart to an image that often makes the difference between success and failure. Each of us has a unique and personal vision to express, and Robert Rodriguez Jr believes this is the key to developing—and significantly improving—your photography.

Photographers Showcase Series: Event Space Alumni Show Their Work

The Photographers Showcase series highlights the work of B&H Event Space alumni who are currently engaged in creating poignant bodies of work and are influenced by the free programs that the B&H Event Space produces. Each photographer will showcase their current projects and offer insight into what is behind their thought process and the gear they use to make their photographs, in 40-minute segments.

In this first and inaugural Photographers Showcase, we bring you three locals:

Highlights from the Timbuk2 "What’s In My Bag" Tumblr

"What's In My Bag" articles have become so popular these days that they're evolving into a full-blown independent media genre. It's a topic we often cover here at B&H, and everyone from National Geographic to The Verge has contributed to the trend. What you can discern about someone by examining the contents of their to-go bag is always a fascinating exercise, and the images can inspire unique solutions to your own in-the-field workflow needs.


B&H Prospectives: Fashion Photography, with Lindsay Adler

In this third episode of Prospectives, Lindsay Adler takes us through her process as a fashion photographer. She discusses how she keeps herself inspired, where she gets her ideas, and how she surrounds herself with other professional creatives to achieve her looks. This episode has been sponsored by Sigma, lenses that Lindsay herself uses for her fashion shoots. Show created and directed by Kelly Mena.

WPPI 2014: Thinktank Retrospective Bags

In this video, Mia McCormick, from Kelby Media, speaks with Deanne Fitzmaurice, from Thinktank Photo, about their line of Retrospective shoulder bags. Sometimes, the most appealing kinds of bags for your photo equipment and computers are the ones that don’t look like they were intended to hold equipment at all. The bags in the Retrospective line all feature a low-profile canvas exterior and have unique features, such as flaps that mute the hoop and look fasteners, so you can open and close the bag without making that loud, ripping sound.


WPPI 2014: The Vanguard Heralder 51T Rolling Backpack

In this video, Larry Becker, from Kelby Media, speaks to Brian Jacobs, from Vangaurd, about The Heralder 51T rolling backpack. When in backpack mode, additional padding on The Heralder makes it comfortable to wear, and its four swiveling wheels and collapsible handle make it easy to balance and maneuver when used as a rolling bag. The Heralder has enough room inside for multiple camera bodies and lenses, with lots of dividers and a bright orange liner, so you can quickly locate those elusive pieces of gear in the compartments.



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