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When Not to Use a UV Filter

Many photographers consider the UV filter a necessary accessory for a new lens, and while it does have some useful qualities, there are a few situations in which you’d be better off without one.

1) When you’re using other filters


Versatile Bescor LED-700 Series Video Lights

Professionals in the photo and video community put a lot of stock into finding portable, easy-to-set-up equipment, and that’s exactly what Bescor aims to provide. Their Field Pro Lighting brings user-friendly versatility to the forefront with several kits designed especially for videography professionals. The LED-700 series is a great solution for lighting both in the studio and on location.


Bowens: The Power Behind the Picture

A legendary lighting company is refreshed and repositioned to achieve its rightful place in the US imaging marketplace: Bowens International Ltd., based in the UK, has been a leading manufacturer of advanced photographic lighting systems for well over half a century, and has been a top-selling brand among professional photographers and serious enthusiasts worldwide, for many years. Until recently, Bowens’s presence in the USA has been overshadowed by more aggressively marketed brands of lighting equipment.


B&H Gear News Update for March 7, 2014

This Week in the News:

  • Panasonic announced the new Super 35mm 4K VariCam 35 Cinema Camera
  • Roku is releasing the compact and affordable Roku Streaming Stick
  • Apple unveiled their CarPlay technology, which integrates the iPhone with automobiles
  • K-Tek has a new audio bag that's ideal for the Sound Devices 633 

The new Panasonic 4K VariCam 35

New Tripod Kits from Vanguard

This year’s International Consumer Electronics Show saw thousands of exhibitors showcasing the latest gadgets to which the public can look forward in the immediate or near future. The conference, which takes place annually at the Las Vegas Convention Center, provided the photo and video community with good news from Vanguard.

Vello Wired and Wireless Remote Controls and Triggering Devices

Remote triggering devices are more than a convenience. In the right hands, a remote triggering system can expand the parameters of what’s possible when planning a complex, multifaceted photograph, or for that matter, add new twists to less complex subjects you’ve photographed countless times. Available hard-wired for shorter distances or wireless configurations for greater working distances, remote triggers help to eliminate camera vibration.


The Nikon Df vs. D610

The differences between the Nikon Df and D610 are many; however, they don’t differ in capability, but rather, in their fundamental approach to photography. With these two recent releases, Nikon has produced cameras with impeccable image quality to satisfy any DSLR shooter, with specs and feature sets for professional use.

The Nikon Df vs. D800

When I first learned about the Nikon Df, I have to admit, I was pretty excited. Still primarily a film-based shooter, and a relatively recent new owner of a digital camera, I thought the Df would satisfy my desire to remain simplicity oriented while still offering me the digital capabilities required by the photographic world of today. The real question is: as a D800 owner, would the Df win me over?


Photoshop Tip: An Alternative Sharpening Method

Making sharp images is often the goal when using digital cameras, but it’s also one of the least understood techniques when it comes to editing. After getting by with the clarity slider and then learning the proper Unsharp Mask technique, I was shown an entirely different method with which to give a slight “pop” to my images: using the High Pass Filter.


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