Taking the Studio to the Streets, with Clay Enos

When he isn’t out shooting the muscled men of 300: Rise of an Empire, or heroes like Superman and the Watchmen, photographer Clay Enos takes the studio feel to the streets. Luckily, I was able to sit down with him and discuss this particular style.

Film Scanners: This Year's Models, 2014

It's been a while since darkrooms have played an integral part in the art and craft of taking pictures, professional or otherwise. Enlargers, sinks, chemicals, safelights, print tongs, and makeshift doo-dads for burning and dodging have long been replaced by app-enhanced smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi enabled you-name-its, and desktop printers... wireless, of course.

Diffraction: What It Is, and How to Avoid It

With the ever-increasing number of pixels manufacturers can cram onto a single digital image sensor, the optics themselves are beginning to become the limiting factor in image quality. This is making it all the more important to stop down our lenses in an effort to squeeze as much sharpness from them as possible. Unfortunately, while stopping down is a great way to sharpen pictures, if we go too far, we end up with deteriorating image quality. This optical effect is called diffraction.

New Lens Roundup from Samyang

Samyang is forever on the move, quickly responding to our unfulfilled focal-length and format needs by producing quality manual-focus lenses at affordable prices. They sometimes even fill needs we didn’t realize we had.

The company's most recent releases include an 8mm f/2.8 Fisheye for mirrorless APS-C cameras, a 10mm f/2.8 lens for DSLR and mirrorless APS-C cameras, a 35mm f/1.4 with an AE Chip for Canon DSLRs, and a 7.5mm T3.8 Cine Fisheye for mirrorless Micro Four Thirds cameras.


Mirrorless Cameras: A Buying Guide

The Autographer: A New Take on the Concept of Photography

Are you ready for a wearable, hands-off photo device that automatically tracks your journey through time and space?

B&H Gear News Roundup for May 2, 2014

This week in the news:

  • Sony debuted the new a77 II DSLR, which features an advanced AF system and built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Apple updated its MacBook Air notebook computers, making them faster and $100 cheaper.
  • Moog celebrated its 50th anniversary by recreating the massive Keith Emerson modular synth.

The New Sony a77II DSLR


Wedding Event of the Season: Moshe Zusman

Join renowned wedding photographer Moshe Zusman as he tells the Event Space audience about his personal and professional evolution as a self-taught photographer whose background was originally in advertising and marketing. Listen as Zusman discusses how he launched his business by advancing his techniques of lighting and posing. To illustrate, Zusman kicks off his talk with a slide show of his eye-catching photographs.

Samsung WB2200F Digital Smart Camera

In the following video, Larry Becker presents an overview of the Samsung WB2200F Smart Digital Camera and covers its imaging features, unique design, and handling capabilities. The video begins with an introduction to the distinct shape of the camera, reminiscent of a professional DSLR, and also talks about the control scheme, rear 3.0" LCD, and the electronic viewfinder.

Wedding Photographer’s Shopping List, 2014


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