4 Ideas from the Photographic Writings of Roland Barthes

Staff writer Cory Rice expounds upon the photographic philosophies of French thinker Roland Barthes in this B&H article.

Video: Essentials of Creative Composition in Landscape Photography

Composition is easy to talk about but difficult to explain.” However, landscape photographer Robert Rodriguez offers a wonderfully comprehensive discussion of the elements that go into a pleasing landscape composition and how that provides the viewer with meaning. From his basic presupposition that “less is more,” Rodriguez demonstrates his distillation process to form a simple composition that creates his desired meaning.

Hands-On Review: the Ricoh Theta S

This is what I really like about the new Ricoh Theta S (and its Theta predecessors): The camera represents a new way of thinking about photographs.

Unveiled: Internal 4K Comes to the Sony Alpha a7S II

Video: The Copyright Zone Guys Once Again

They’re ba-ack!  And count your blessings, because they bring with them the hard facts and a lot of common-sense smarts for photographers to protect themselves from license infringement, bad contracts, and potential lawsuits. A lawyer and photographer team, The Copyright Guys, brings multi-disciplined experience and Abbot-and-Costello charm to serious information that will greatly benefit your photography career (and your wallet).

Zeiss Soars with Milvus Lens Family for DSLRs

Hands-On Review: the Sigma 24-35mm f/2 Full-Frame Lens

In this B&H article, John R Harris tests and reviews the new Sigma 24-35mm f/2 Full-Frame Lens.

How to Display Your Photos like a Pro

Learn how display your photographic prints like a professional, in thei B&H article.

Video: Mick Rock Presents His Latest Book, "Exposed"

In this B&H Event Space video, rock-and-roll photographer Mick Rock shares the images illustrating his latest book, “Exposed.” Join Rock for a look through his definitive collection of images and hear the story of his early career and the larger-than-life characters with whom he mixed. In this retrospective of his work, Mick Rock takes you on a cultural journey through a time when rock ruled.

Editor’s note: Bluegrass rules!

Canon Announces a New 250MP APS-H Format Sensor

In this article, B&H reports on Canon's newly announced high-definition sensor, a 29.2 x 20.2mm APS-H format CMOS.


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