How to Prepare for Photographic Travel, with Susan Seubert

In this B&H article, guest writer Susan Seubert discusses how she prepares for her travel assignments, and what equipment she brings with her.

Video: Introduction to WordPress for Photographers

WordPress is your website! Scott Wyden Kivowitz walks you through the basics of WordPress, the open-source software and the website, and how to best use both to the benefit of your photographic work. He discusses the best hosts, how to install WordPress, manage the dashboard, utilize plug-ins and themes, and create your blog site. This is a very thorough tutorial, peppered with insightful anecdotes and practical tips for the beginner, including strong encouragement to always be blogging. Remember, 70% of traffic to your site comes from blog traffic!

Video: Cleaning Up Your Mess in Lightroom 6

Keeping your digital photos organized is difficult, especially if your cataloging system changes as you grow as a photographer. Lightroom helps simplify things, but there are tricks to the trade that you should know in order to maximize your organization. In this video, Tim Grey helps you streamline your workflow and organizational system to help prevent frustration in the future, and allow you to find photos quickly and easily.

What is Focus Peaking?

In this B&H article, you can learn about focus peaking and how it can help determine focus quickly and speed up your photo workflow.

Photographing a 24-Hour Auto Race, with Camden Thrasher

Camden Thrasher, based in the US Pacific Northwest, is a self-taught photographer with a passion for motorsports and an eye for dramatic lighting that he uses to illuminate his images of racecars and racecar drivers very effectively. He recently shared some of his insights with B&H Photo.

How did you get started in motorsports and photography?

Eight Recommended Digital Cameras for Street Photography

What makes a camera specifically well suited for street photography? Good question. In a genre that appreciates the gritty, the spontaneous, the accidental, the mistake, you can pretty much use whatever works for you. If you are comfortable with a camera and can operate it with acuity, the resolution, ISO sensitivity, dynamic range, and all the relentlessly discussed quantifiable factors are much less important than the way you interact with people, understand the rhythms of the street, and recognize the qualities of light.

DxO Introduces DxO One Digital Camera for iPhone and iPad


Video: FocusED on the Basics of Sensor Size

In th new FocusED series from B&H, we present instructional videos that cover a variety of photographic topics.


Video: FocusEd Aperture

In this B&H video, watch and learn about aperture—what it does, how it works, and how you can control your images with Aperture Mode on your DSLR.

9 Alternative Camera Supports

Read about alternative to the traditional tripod camera supports in this B&H article.



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