Video: Quick Look at the X-Rite ColorMunki Display + ColorChecker Passport

In the following video, B&H takes a quick look on the ColorMunki Display and ColorChecker Passport Bundle from X-Rite. The video highlights each of the tools' distinct capabilities in ensuring an accurate, consistent, and color-managed workflow from capture to post-production.

Announcing Canon 4K Reference Displays

Announcing the Ki Pro Ultra, a new 4K ProRes Deck from AJA

SLR Magic Announces a Full-Frame 50mm Cine Lens for Sony E-Mount

MacBook Pro For Video


The MacBook Pro is both powerful and portable. The 13.3 and 15" models sport the aluminum unibody design for which Apple has become so well known. The notable aluminum unibody design has a function aside from aesthetics; it provides a sturdy frame for the internals that can take more than a few knocks. The MacBook Pro also includes Force Touch on the trackpads.

iPad For Video

The iPad can be a valuable tool for the video professional, capable of serving both as a camera to shoot video and an editing platform for post—the iPad Pro being capable of editing 4K video.

Apple Desktops for Video

For many years, professionals the world over have been using Mac desktop computers to create some of the most impressive content in the video world. This is, in part, because industry-standard software suites, including Apple’s own Final Cut Pro, Adobe’s Premiere and After Effects, and Avid’s Media Composer, run exceptionally well on all Mac desktops.

Atomos Shogun Studio: a Dual-Channel 3RU 4K Monitor/Recording Deck

The Ultimate GoPro Guide: Cameras, Mounts, and Accessories

A comprehensive guide to the world of GoPro, including the cameras, mounts and accessories. Dive in, research and discover the best set of tools that will help you on your action camera journey. 

Announcing a New Small-Form-Factor Switcher from Roland


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