New Feature-Rich Canon Camcorders for 2016

7 Expert Digital Imaging Technicians (DITs) Discuss their Role on a Film Set

In the world of film production, a Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) can be many things. Depending on the scope of the production, the scope of their job is constantly evolving. Taking advantage of the wonders of email, I checked in with a few working DITs to get a better understanding of their complex and ever-changing job. What became apparent quickly was that although most people in the industry start off as beginners, taking on the role of DIT requires a healthy balance of experience, people skills, technical knowledge, and an almost fanatical devotion to staying ahead of the curve.

Clip and Go, with the Qlippie Q1 Mini HD Wearable Camera

Hands-On Review: SmallHD 502 On-Camera Monitor

Coinciding with the so-called “DSLR Revolution,” SmallHD has since been supporting camera assistants (ACs) assigned the daunting task of pulling perfect focus, Directors of Photography (DPs) light and compose their shots, and Directors (no fancy acronyms for this one) realize their vision, with affordable, high-quality, and durable monitoring solutions. I became familiar with SmallHD’s products when I was working in a video equipment rental house.

Hands-On Review: 3 New Veydra Mini Prime Cine Lenses for Sony E Mount

As a Sony a7R II shooter, I was thrilled when Veydra announced that select lenses from its line of Mini Primes would be made available with Sony E mounts. Originally designed for MFT cameras, the Mini Primes are purpose-built from the ground up for cinema applications, rather than being re-housed DSLR lenses. Featuring matching sizes, front diameter, 0.8 mod (cine-style) gears on the focus/iris rings, and T2.2 maximum apertures, the Mini Primes form a proper cine lens set.

Capture all the Action with Nilox Action Cameras and Accessories

KumbaCam FPV Gear and Gimbal Stabilizers Enhance First-Person View Flying

Cartoni Focus Heads: A Definitive New Lineup of Sleek Italian Tripod Design

If you shoot with up to 50 lb of weight, including with entry-level weights, you might find the new video-head lineup from Cartoni a very realistic match for your needs and investment considerations. 

While the 80-year old Italian brand is most famed for its high-end tripod systems, over the past decade Cartoni has also been supporting reduced camera sizes with several entry- and mid-level heads. These options are distinguished for their counterbalance and smooth drag, light weight and solid builds, and long-term consistency.  

Top 5 Ways to Use Onboard Camera Lights Off-Camera Creatively

In the following video, Doug Guerra takes on the ubiquitous on-camera light and demonstrates five other ways to use this normally utilitarian fixture. Using the Litepanels Brick to illustrate his points, Guerra explains the general advantages of freeing the on-camera light from your camera, while highlighting some of the strengths of the Brick light unit itself.

4K For Aerophiles and Land-Lovers Alike: YUNEEC Typhoon H and ActionCam


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