Interchangeable Lenses versus Built-in Zoom: What Filmmakers need to Know

In this B&H article, we cover the topic of interchangeable-lens versus video cameras with built-in zoom.

Unveiled: DJI Osmo Handheld Camera and Gimbal System

Unveiled: GoPro HERO+ and New Accessories

Set Etiquette for the Indie Filmmaker

The truth of the matter is that whether you are working on an indie film or a big-time Hollywood production, set etiquette is really the same. As you work on more shoots, you will most likely start out as a production assistant and work your way up to other positions, and understanding proper set etiquette will help you build and protect your reputation. Your reputation will precede you as you work in the industry, and it can take a long time to change your reputation if you develop a bad one. So it is worth it to protect your reputation.

Optical Filters in a Digital World, with Ira Tiffen

In this B&H article, learn why filters are still relevant in the age of digital still and moving image-making, with special guest Ira Tiffen.

Choosing an On-Camera Monitor

While many people start by looking for a monitor within a specific price range, you may be better served by defining which features you need in a monitor before you consider price. This way, you will most likely get a better overall understanding of the value of the features, which will better fit your workflow. Spending a little extra time now will help you choose an on-camera monitor that will serve you a lot better and for a lot longer than a monitor you chose just based on price.

Essentials for the On-Set Bag

Over time, you are going to acquire a variety of specialty tools and gear to help you accomplish your shoots and to make your production life easier. However, for those of you who are just starting out, or even if you’ve already assembled a bag, what follows are a few items which, over the years, I’ve found to be invaluable. However, before I start, I’d like to suggest a few things that are essential for productions in general, even if they aren’t part of your on-set bag.

New From DJI: UAVs, Micro Four Thirds Cameras, and a Wireless Follow Focus

DJI announces new quadcopters, at

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Video Workflow: Using RAW Files

So you want to work with raw video, huh? Good. You’re ambitious—I like that. Working with raw video, however, is not something to be taken lightly. It’s a very powerful asset that has been made available to many consumers through a variety of affordable cameras from Blackmagic Design.


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