Decimator Design DMON Multi-Viewers

First Look: JVC GY-HM170, GY-HM200, and GY-LS300 Ultra HD Camcorders

In the following video, Allan Weitz, from B&H, takes a look at JVC’s new 4KCAM line of compact Ultra HD camcorders.


YUNEEC Typhoon Quadcopter with CGO2-GB Camera

Panasonic AW-HE40SK PTZ Camera

Blackmagic Design MultiView 16

Cinetics Axis360: One, Two, and Three Axes of Fun

The Cinetics Axis360 Motion Control System and Slider was designed to enhance motorized slides, pans, and tilts in videography using most DLSR, mirrorless, and digital cinema cameras. Since I spent the early part of my career as a motion control camera assistant, working on complex multi-axis motion control rigs, doing stop-motion animation with 35mm motion picture cameras, I've had a fair amount of experience programming and operating motion control units, and I looked forward to seeing what the Cinetics rig could do.

HPRC 2600BEB for the Parrot BeBop Quadcopter: Hard Case, Tough Customer

Impact-resistant, water-tight resin hard cases from HPRC, with their distinctive red handle, have been a staple on productions for quite some time. In most cases, users themselves pick and pluck the foam inserts to achieve their desired interior configuration, or they opt for the flexibility of dividers, which can be easily rearranged but don't hold contents as snugly. Wouldn't it be nice for something a bit more turnkey-like?

Ikan's Newest LED Lighting Units Improve Your Lighting

The versatility of LED light units has made them the de facto standard when small, portable, battery-powered, and lightweight units are required. However, no light is perfect, and no light can do all the things that are needed on set. Traditionally, LED lights have suffered from taking a middle-of-the-road approach, trading power and control for softness, and not being all that good at softness, anyway. With its newest batch of lighting units, Ikan has taken the problem, broken it down to its component issues, and come up with a nifty solution: make two different kinds of lights.

Tips and Tools for Scuba Diving with the GoPro HERO4

Nick Woodman, a young American surfer, desperately wanted images of himself surfing, personal and up close, and there seemed to be no camera available to exactly fulfill his requirements. He set about creating a solution. Slightly more than a decade later, his camera company has invaded the market with the small, waterproof, and extremely high-quality unit we know as the GoPro.

Video: Hands-On Review of the Atomos Shogun

In the following video, Mia McCormick, from KelbyOne Media, pairs the Atomos Shogun with the Sony a7S to put the 4K-capable monitor/recorder through its paces. McCormick goes over the recording resolutions and formats offered by the Shogun, which include Ultra HD up to 30 fps and 1080p up to 120 fps in edit-friendly 10-bit 4:2:2 ProRes codecs.


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