Micro Four Thirds Format for Filmmakers

Filmmakers once had a simple choice when it came to what format they shot on. The two professional formats were 35mm and 16mm film. 35mm was, and still is, the gold standard, used on big-budget feature films. 16mm was thought of as the more accessible and affordable alternative, used on documentaries and independent films.

Wishlist Picks: Action Cameras

In the following video, Mia McCormick, of Kelby Media, discusses four different action camera options on the market today, and why they make great gift ideas for the action enthusiast in your life. The models McCormick explores are the Sony HDR-AS30V, JVC GC-XA2 Adixxion, GoPro HERO3+, and DJI Phantom 2 Vision. The video explores the functions and key features of each model.

Introduction to Radio-Controlled Aerial Photography

Although professional aerial photography has been around for years, the new consumer market is now rapidly expanding. Radio-controlled aircraft are not a new phenomenon, nor is the concept of mounting cameras to RC aircraft. What is new and exciting for videographers and photographers who wish to add aerial images to their portfolios is the introduction of budget-friendly aerial technology.

Video Gadgets and Tools that are not Toys

As far as shooting goes, there may be nothing more satisfying than getting the shot you want, or getting that image or camera move exactly the way you see it in your mind. Conversely, there may be nothing as disappointing as coming close to your shot, but just not nailing it. This could be caused by any number of factors, but in the end it feels like expecting ice cream, only to bite into shaving cream instead.

Blackmagic Design Digital Cinema Cameras and Accessories

Blackmagic Design has really shaken things up with their entry into the digital cinema camera market. First announced in 2012, the original Blackmagic Cinema Camera shocked the industry with a remarkably progressive feature set in an entry level, professional camera.

Hands-On Review: Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera

In the following video, Mia McCormick, of Kelby media, introduces the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and takes a look at the impressive image quality and unique form factor of the camera. The video explores the camera’s ProRes HQ and Cinema DNG RAW recording options, Super 16mm sensor, and 13 stops of dynamic range.

Unique Winter Sports Accessories for Your GoPro Camera

The holiday season is upon us and snow is already falling in the mountains. I’ve just planned my first weekend ski trip to Vermont in January, so now it’s time to dust off my skis and pull my winter clothes out from the back of the closet. I thought I’d also get a GoPro HERO3+ action camera this year, so I’ll be able to record all my friends skiing and snowboarding this winter.

Have You Used a GoPro These Five Ways?

While the GoPro HERO action camera is an amazing tool for capturing high-speed sports and stunts, it also has the uncanny ability to transform seemingly mundane activities into striking visual marvels. Here's a collection of five videos that demonstrate how this tiny camera radically alters perspectives of everyday life.

The New RODE NT1 Condenser Microphone

RØDE has recently announced a new offering to their line of large diaphragm condenser microphones, the NT1. This microphone features a 1” gold-sputtered HF6 pressure gradient condenser capsule with a cardioid polar pickup pattern.

PhotoPlus 2013 VIDEO: Atomos DSLR Video Recorders

There are great numbers of people shooting video on DSLR cameras these days, so it makes sense for video-centric companies to come to the show. We had the chance to talk to Heather Williams from Atomos at PhotoPlus 2013, to find out how their products help video shooters achieve better-looking results and faster workflows.


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