First Look: VariZoom Solo Jib System

At NAB 2014, Tom McKay, of VariZoom, demonstrated the new Solo jib system, which is available by itself or in a kit with 16 feet of dolly track. The compact jib fits 65-75mm bowl tripods and packs into a single case (including its 5 lb weight), as does the slider dolly system. Available in carbon fiber or aluminum, the Solo jib features a handle for optional camera control, a non-locking brake, and it offers about 49" of travel plus the height of the tripod.

Unveiled: Zylight's Upgraded F8 LED Fresnel

Zylight announced the addition of a new and improved F8 LED Fresnel, at NAB, on 4/7/14. Not content with last year's awards, the company hunkered down to outdo themselves by squeezing even better performance out of an already great design.

Unveiled: Letus Motorized Gimbal Stabilizers

For NAB 2014, Letus35 has announced a number of upcoming motorized gimbal stabilizers. They will offer gimbal systems for cameras of all sizes, from a GoPro Hero up to a RED camera.

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Unveiled: AJA CION 4K/UHD and 2K/HD Production Camera

AJA entered the digital cinema camera market with the announcement of their CION 4K Production Camera, capable of recording both DCI and UHD 4K, as well as 2K and HD resolution video. From its sleek, elegant 6.4-lb magnesium body to the contoured suede shoulder pad, the camera is both aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically functional. But what's going on inside a camera is what really counts, and this is where the CION truly shines.

Unveiled: VariZoom StealthyGo Camera Stabilizer

VariZoom introduced its new StealthyGo Stabilizer for GoPro and other sub-2-lb cameras, at NAB 2014. The lightweight stabilizer also functions as a monopod, a three-point shooter, and a tabletop tripod. It can be used as a "selfie" pole, too. For travel convenience, it collapses into its own handle. VariZoom president Tom McKay operates a StealthyGo GoPro rig and shares footage from the stabilizer, in the accompanying video.

Hands-On Review: the Sound Devices 970 Audio Recorder

Jesse Parker, of Sound Devices, explains the 970 model audio recorder, a rack-mountable unit that records up to 64 channels of 96kHz, 24-bit audio and associated metadata, and features MADI and Dante I/O. The 970 offers a large LCD readout panel, eight line level analog inputs/outputs, a timecode master clock, simultaneous and sequential recording, file transfer over SMB ethernet, and file conversion between formats. PowerSafe circuitry protects your files.

Livestream Announces New Modular Studio Surface

Over the past few years, Livestream has grown from being solely a software-based video streaming service aimed at the consumer market to a serious competitor to professional live-switching and mixing services such as TriCaster. The current LiveStream Studio software and hardware is able to perform many of the same complex real-time mixing and graphics functions of high-end systems for a fraction of the cost. Until recently, they have had one large drawback when compared to the high-end competition—the lack of a dedicated control surface.


First Look: Rycote Microphone Windshields at NAB 2014

At NAB 2014, Rycote introduced its new Super-Softie microphone windshield, with the new 3D Tex fabric. B&H interviews Rycote's Scott Boland about this non-furry material, which offers several advantages for wind attenuation over the traditional "dead-cat" style windscreens. Also, see the new Rycote Super-Shield, which will take the place of the S series.

First Look: Schneider Optics Xenon 18mm & Cine-Xenar III 14mm Lenses

Steven Gladstone, of B&H, and Paul Cousins, of Schneider Optics, are reviewing lenses that were announced at NAB 2014. Schneider Optics introduced two new wide, fast cine lenses: the Xenon 18mm T2.4 full-frame lens (available in EF, F, and PL mounts) and the Super 35-format Cine-Xenar III 14mm T2.2 lens (PL and EF versions). Prime lenses are probably one of the currently most-watched categories in the world of cinematography. Check out the test footage at the end of the video.

Please check back for pricing and availability

First Look: Sachtler Anton Bauer V-Mount Batteries

Steven Gladstone from B&H interviews Kieran Foster of Vitec Videocom about the company's new Sachtler-branded Anton Bauer batteries with V-mounts, which offer 1,000 charge/discharge cycles and are available in 90W, 150W, and 190W sizes. Anton Bauer also offers a new Performance Charger in dual and quad configurations.


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