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Overview: Vello PC-Shoe Adapters

Vello provides an array of versatile hot-shoe adapters with PC sockets for connecting off-camera flash units and studio strobes with cables. These solution-oriented devices add a PC sync connection to cameras or a shoe-mount flash.

Quick Start to Off-Camera Flash with Canon Speedlites

In this Canon-specific workshop, you can learn how to quickly create beautiful light with off-camera Speedlites. Explore the difference between on-camera flash and off-camera flash and how to select camera and Speedlite settings.

B&H Wedding Guide: Off-Camera Flash Systems

When you photograph a wedding, you are faced with a wide array of lighting conditions, ranging from bright sunlight to dimly lit interiors. Using ambient light as your main source is often preferable; however, in a situation such as a wedding, where time is of the essence, you will need to know how to properly expose all of these varying scenes using both natural and artificial light sources.

Holiday 2012: Wireless Flash

Wireless flash is a highly effective tool that provides you with near-complete freedom to use your on-camera or studio strobes in any configuration to help you best achieve the lighting you desire. Wireless flash is, as the name states, a way for you to fire your flash or group of flashes remotely without having a physical, corded connection to your camera.

Off Camera Flash: One Speedlight Six Ways

Bob Harrington delves into an interactive off camera flash workshop. Using one speed light and a reflector, he will show you six different lighting scenarios that are designed to improve your work immediately.

Don't Be Intimidated by Off-camera Flash

Carnival in Venice is one of the great festivals in the world to photograph. The artistry of the costumes, the outrageous colors, the mystique of the masks, and the medieval setting make this a very special event.

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