Three Reasons to Upgrade to Lightroom 3

After a months-long public beta, which featured two releases, Adobe has released the final version of their Lightroom 3 software application. Thanks to the long beta, developers were able to make refinements to the application based on user feedback, resulting in an extremely functional, polished, and stable software application. Lightroom 3 boasts numerous compelling reasons for users to upgrade; here are three.

NAB 2010 Roundup

Every April, those involved in professional audio/video recording from broadcasters to event videographers converge onto Las Vegas to check out what hot new product will best improve their productions. A candy store for film and video professionals, NAB is the first place for the industry to decide what to purchase and what new technology is on the cutting edge. This year NAB seemed to focus on 3D television and improved support for DSLR camera's with HD video capabilities.

First Look: B&H's Post Production Display Area

We always hear about loyal customers who travel great distances and visit New York City's many incredible sites and always find the time to stop by B&H's Superstore on 34th Street and 9th Avenue. These customers are usually flabbergasted at the sheer size, overwhelmed by the amount of products on display, marvel at the conveyor belt system and equally impressed with the knowledge of our Sales Associates. But most of our out-of-town customers only know B&H as the home for photography and nothing else. Well, B&H is a lot more.

Time to Audition

It feels like Adobe is fairly new to the audio editing game. While they're the kings of photo editing, they're not the first company you may think of when it comes to professional audio editing. However, they've been at it longer than you might think. With Audition 3, the latest version of their pro-level recording and editing software, Adobe puts themselves right at the front of the line for comprehensive features and ease of use.


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