angles of view

Photography Accessories to Give You a Different Angle

Look through Facebook and loads of other photo-sharing services, and you'll see many photos from the same angle of view. Why not go for a totally different angle that hasn't been tried before? There are accessories to help you reach those angles that only Superman can get to: way up above, way down below, and ones that make people go, "How did the photographer do that?!" Here's a quick round up of such accessories.

Angles-of-View: A Cure for Chronic Millimeter Malaise

In an earlier chapter of my life I taught photography part-time at a local community college. One of my co-workers, a fellow named Pietr, whose last name I could never pronounce let alone spell, had a novel way of introducing his Photo 101 students to their cameras. He would start off by having them wander about, focus on things that catch their eye, and before pressing the shutter button, peer over the viewfinder and try to visualize where the borders of the image were based on what they saw in the viewfinder.

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