Holiday 2012: Gifts for Filmmakers

Curiously, it seems that even the most ardent champions of the digital revolution cannot bear the thought of calling themselves “videomakers.” Whatever the case, let us forget the technology war for a moment and take a look at some of the industry’s secondary tools. These relatively ageless tools should appeal to anyone with an interest in the art of filmmaking.

New Think Tank Pro Speed Belt V2.0 Keeps Gear at Hand or Out of the Way

Casual photographers can afford to keep all their camera gear snugly squirreled away in a camera bag or backpack because it’s no big deal if they miss a shot. But professional photographers make a living taking pictures and can’t afford to fumble through a bag full of gear looking for a particular item.

Eighteen Important Items to Bring on Wilderness Photo Shoots

So you’re going on a photo shoot, maybe even shoot some video. Presumably you’re bringing at least one camera, some memory cards and maybe some extra lenses and a tripod. But what other items might be useful?

How To Strap $15,000 of Gear to Your Body and Stand in the Rain

Location sound... looking cool isn't the first priority.Is it Grimace? Is it the Grim Reaper? Nope. It's a prepared location audio professional who is protecting their investment and getting the job done.  This morning on my 10 minute walk from the train to the office, I witnessed a weather anomaly that I'd never experienced before. This is my 18th year as a resident of the Northeastern United States, and I don't know the official stats, but this winter sure seems like one of the worst.

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