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NI Kontrol S4 Mk II and Denon MC-6000 Mk II

In the following video, Rob Rives, from B&H, discusses the updates to the Native Instruments Kontrol S4 MK II and Denon MC6000 MK II DJ Controllers. Rives talks about the DJ Controllers’ layout, internal sound cards and new support for Serato and video mixing on the DN MC 6000 MKII.

Building a Better Reception Mousetrap: RF Venue Diversity Fin Antenna

Generally speaking, wireless receiver antenna systems tend to fall under the “necessary and important, but unexciting” category in live sound equipment, with most sporting a similar spaced diversity pair of antennas. RF Venue, clearly not content with the status quo in reception design, have developed a “better mousetrap.”

Announcing Kopul Line-to-Mic Attenuator Cables for DSLR Audio

Kopul has just announced the addition of four line-to-mic attenuator cables for DSLR audio applications to their line of professional cable solutions for audio and video. Designed to take the line output from your portable digital recorder and connect it to the unbalanced mic level input on your DSLR camera, these cables allow you record audio to your external digital recorder and DSLR simultaneously.

EARasers: Not Your Standard Earplugs

When I first got into the audio-engineering business, I received advice from different people on a number of topics. Teachers, mentors, and friends would share their favorite mic-placement tips, preferred preamps for specific applications, or how they like to EQ a lead vocal to really get it to pop in a track.

USB Microphones: Versatile and Easy to use

Today’s technology user constantly demands smaller and more portable devices. Customers want all-in-one, plug-and-play solutions that are versatile and easy to use. The world of audio recording has certainly followed suit, hence the growing popularity of USB microphones.

A New Icon in the World of MIDI Controllers: Introducing Icon Digital

As digital music continues to explore new realms and push boundaries through EDM, dubstep, and the growing trend of the mash-up, the demand rises for creative, functional, and deeply customizable MIDI controllers for both programming and controlling your DAW.

Bose® Announces QuietComfort 20™ and QuietComfort 20i™ Acoustic Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones

Bose® has long been known as an industry leader for their full-sized noise-cancelling headphones and they now bring their first pair of in-ear noise-cancelling headphones to market. The new QuietComfort 20™ and QuietComfot 20i™ offer Bose’s trademark Acoustic Noise-Cancelling technology in a compact in-ear design.

Hands-On Review: IK Multimedia iRig HD Guitar Interface

When the iPad was released in 2010, it created a market for tablet computing that simply did not exist before. Initially, most iPad owners used it as an Internet consumption device; a clever new means for browsing, watching videos, checking email, playing games, and interacting with their online life.

Hands-On Review: Waldorf Rocket Synthesizer

The Rocket is German company Waldorf's recent entry in the  desktop synthesizer market. While ultra-portable and relatively inexpensive, the Rocket delivers some powerful sounds; aided by a terrific-sounding analog filter and a booster circuit for added warmth and distortion.

The Modular Sennheiser K6 Series Explained

Capturing sound for film, TV, or podcasting can present some unique challenges. Unlike audio engineers working in a studio setting, many who work in film and TV do not have the relative luxury of working in the same acoustic environment every day.


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