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Synthesizers, Stage Pianos & Organs: Keyboards for Live Bands & Serious Music Makers

There are different kinds of cameras for different kinds of shooters (DSLRs for serious photographers, point-and-shoot cameras for snapshot takers, mirrorless camera systems for DSLR users on vacation, etc.), and similarly, there are many different kinds of musical keyboards, too.

Classic-Style Microphones and Outboard Gear from Golden Age Projects

Sometimes the design of production equipment is perfected early on, and even several decades’ worth of advancements in technology does little to improve its overall quality. 

The Rebirth of the Famed 5-Inch Cube Speaker and More Products from Avantone

Avantone is an audio-equipment manufacturer that, in its own words, “bring(s) to market the things we see as missing in the industry. This can be as simple as a certain price point we feel should be met to give excellent quality for reasonable pricing..." 

Confidently Mount iPads and Orchestral Scores with R.A.T. Stands

Imagine you have to give a presentation in front of a large audience, and you need to have an iPad mounted on a floor stand for your presentation. But even if you look good, your presentation may not come off as professionally as you hoped.

Hands-On Review of the Universal Audio Apollo

The Universal Audio Apollo is an interesting audio interface in that it combines input/output functionality along with built-in DSP processing. That in itself is not unique, but being able to provide input monitoring with multiple plug-ins instantiated with virtually no latency is.

The Role of an Audio Mixer in a Video Editing Suite

Deleted scenes often end up “on the cutting-room floor,” but how did specific pieces of equipment end up on the editing-room desk? It’s common to see a computer keyboard and multiple video monitors on the desk of every video-editing station, but there’s usually another piece of equipment that may seem somewhat out of place: an audio mixer. 

Turn the Page with AirTurn AT-104 and BT-105 Wireless Page Turners

If you read electronic sheet music, lyrics, or scripts, then AirTurn is a welcome innovation. Historically, musicians who read charts have been burdened with the hassle of turning their own pages. 

New Petrol Bags Announced for Audio, Fresh from NAB 2012

Recently at NAB 2012, Petrol Bags revealed that it has just increased the number of portable options available for audio equipment to include the convenient PS614 Deca Lightweight Audio Bag and the miniature PS615 Portable Digital Recorder Pouch. 

Sing Like an Idol with the New Boss VE-5 Vocal Performer

When an electric guitarist takes the stage to perform, they’ll often be armed with an array of effects pedals that allow them to push the creative boundaries of their instrument. Singers can get in on the crowd-pleasing fun with the new Boss VE-5 Vocal Performer. 

The New Beachtek DXA-SLR PRO: Audio Solutions Built for HDSLR Video

One way to improve the quality of your in-camera audio when shooting video with an HDSLR camera is to utilize an external adapter box (called a Camcorder XLR Adapter). These gizmos attach to the base of your camera and enable you to connect multiple XLR microphones to your camera’s lowly mini-plug mic input. 


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