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IsoAcoustics: A Standing Innovation for Your Speakers

Audiophiles know that the nuances of sound reproduction are based on where their speakers are placed in a room, how far they sit above the floor or shelf as well as the angles at which they are placed in relation to their intended audience, walls, furniture and other reflective surfaces. Each of these subtle variables plays a major role in determining how true and undistorted the audio will sound.

New Hilo Reference A/D D/A Converter System Pleases the Purists

Performing artists and audio recording engineers are jazzed about Lynx Studio Technology’s new Hilo Reference A/D D/A Converter System. 

New Arrival: Line 6 Mobile Keys for iPad, Mac and Windows

When you’re picking out a controller keyboard these days, you must first determine how you’re going to use it: either with your main computer or with your mobile device, and then purchase a compatible product. However, the new Mobile Keys keyboard controllers from Line 6 are compatible, plug-and-play style, with Mac, Windows and iOS devices.

The PreSonus QMix App Makes Wireless Monitor Mixes Possible

The new QMix app from PreSonus creates an easy new way for performing musicians to control their on-stage monitor mixes wirelessly, from an Apple iPhone or iPod touch. 

Keith McMillen Instruments QuNeo

Musicians, DJs and producers use hardware controllers to get away from using a mouse and computer keyboard to interact with their music software. A good controller transforms the act of digital music production into a more natural, tactile experience. 

Tascam iU2 Interface for iOS Devices

The popularity of the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch has spawned a plethora of add-on devices for recording musicians that run the gamut from simple, single-input devices to external microphones. 

The New MOTU MicroBook II

The new MicroBook II from MOTU stands as a substantial upgrade over its original ultra-compact audio interface. All of the little touches that the original model needed have been added. The result is a super backpack-friendly interface that provides you with pristine sound quality for both mobile and studio recording.

New from Blue: The Compact Tiki USB Microphone

Blue has a reputation for making quality microphones with visually striking designs, and the freshly announced Tiki USB Microphone is no exception. The Tiki is less than 3" long, and it connects directly to the USB port of your Mac or PC.

New iPad-Friendly Products from IK MultiMedia

IK Multimedia unleashed a fresh batch of new iOS and iPad-centric accessories at NAMM 2012, which can help you do everything, from recording excellent-quality sound directly into your Apple device, to mixing songs on separate media players with a purpose-built iPad hardware DJ mixer.

Inexpensive yet Invaluable Audio Accessories

There’s a certain allure to turning a big knob on a high-end piece of audio gear, but sometimes the most useful tools are the inexpensive doodads. There’s an army of budget-friendly accessories that play a major role both in the studio and on set. 


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