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New Roland Amps, Keyboards, Interfaces and Trainers

Roland recently announced several new products, with everything from a powerful rack-mountable sound module to a little battery-powered PA system that fits under your arm.

New Focusrite Forte and iTrack Solo Audio Interfaces

Focusrite has just announced a pair of new audio interfaces, the Forte and iTrack Solo, which enable you to record directly onto your Mac or PC computer. The iTrack Solo is compatible with iOS as well, so you can record to an iPad. Both interfaces feature 24-bit converters and record two simultaneous inputs, but they offer different form factors and approaches to workflow.

The New Apogee Quartet Audio Interface

Apogee just announced the new Quartet, a USB 2.0 audio/MIDI interface that enables you to record up to 12 channels into an Apple computer, and will act as the centerpiece of your recording studio. Quartet features four combo-XLR inputs, each with a high-quality preamp for connecting microphones, instruments and line-level signals.

Hands-on Review: Avid Mbox Family

In this video we take a look at Avid's MBox Audio Interfaces for Mac and PC.

Hands-On Review: Focusrite VRM Box

The VRM Box from Focusrite is a unique USB computer audio interface that’s solely dedicated to headphone monitoring. It enables you to listen to mixes on your computer with 15 different sets of emulated studio monitors, featuring everything from Genelec 1031A’s and Yamaha NS10’s to the built-in speakers on a flat-panel television.

Hands-On Review: Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 and 18i6

These solid, low latency interfaces offer Focusrite mic preamps and a useful software package for a great value.

Hands-On Review: Apogee Electronics ONE

The ONE USB interface brings Apogee quality audio and a built in condenser mic to Mac platforms at a great price point.

MOTU MicroBook II

There is always a stream of new desktop audio interfaces being released to the public; they’re shiny, with fancy lights and buttons... but most are inevitably fragile. Audio professionals who require a more durable and roadworthy interface will want to see this new video on MOTU’s MicroBook II.

Hands-On Review: MOTU Track16

The latest audio interface technology combines impressive conversion quality and high input/output counts into small desktop devices. MOTU has long been a contender in the ring of high quality digital audio. This 10 minute video takes a thorough look at Track 16, MOTU’s latest audio interface. It also gives quick look into their flagship DAW, Digital Performer.

Back-to-School Gear for Audio Students

You can learn a lot about audio by recording your own music (or a friend’s music), and by volunteering to assist a local sound engineer. However, attending a formal audio school can also really help you learn the nuts and bolts of sound.


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