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Hands-On Review of the Universal Audio Apollo

The Universal Audio Apollo is an interesting audio interface in that it combines input/output functionality along with built-in DSP processing. That in itself is not unique, but being able to provide input monitoring with multiple plug-ins instantiated with virtually no latency is.

Hands-On Review: the Fireface UCX Audio Interface

With the Fireface UCX, RME has successfully delivered another high-end pro audio interface. The Fireface UCX takes up only a half-rack space and offers 18 input and 18 output channels. It works with your computer, as a stand-alone unit, or with your iPad or iPad 2.

New Avid Pro Tools Express Mbox Bundles

The Mbox series from Avid has always stood out as an excellent way for new users to dive into the professional realm of computer recording, and as a vehicle for experienced users to harness the power of Pro Tools in a portable and compact package. The newly announced Mbox Express Bundles continue the legacy of this popular hardware and software solution.

The New 2x4 Analog I/O Module for Symphony I/O from Apogee

No matter how large or small your recording studio may be (some of us have live rooms, while others only have bedrooms), there are plenty of people who prefer to work with the highest quality conversion technology available. 

Tascam iU2 Interface for iOS Devices

The popularity of the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch has spawned a plethora of add-on devices for recording musicians that run the gamut from simple, single-input devices to external microphones. 

The New MOTU MicroBook II

The new MicroBook II from MOTU stands as a substantial upgrade over its original ultra-compact audio interface. All of the little touches that the original model needed have been added. The result is a super backpack-friendly interface that provides you with pristine sound quality for both mobile and studio recording.

Universal Audio Apollo: Multi-Core Processing FireWire/Thunderbolt Interface

The new Universal Audio Apollo advances the technology of computer audio interfaces in two significant ways: it offers integrated duo or quad core real time UAD plug-in processing, and it’s the first audio interface to offer the option to connect through an über-fast Thunderbolt port.

RME Babyface: A Mini MIDI Audio Interface in Assorted Colors

If you’re not familiar with the RME Babyface, it’s a USB 2.0 audio and MIDI interface that offers an array of inputs and outputs in an ultra-compact form factor. 

The New MOTU 4pre: Four Preamps and Beautiful Simplicity

Computer audio interfaces intimidate people who don’t have a thorough understanding of Pro Audio. “Direct Monitor” buttons and “Hi-Z-to-Line” switches can quickly rob a prospective user’s confidence. However, the new MOTU 4pre has two qualities that you never see in audio interfaces.

Plug Mics and Guitars into an iPad/iPhone with the New Tascam iXZ

The new Tascam iXZ is a tiny, pocket-sized device which enables you to connect a professional XLR microphone to an Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. It can also supply a condenser microphone with phantom power. The iXZ runs on two AA batteries and can feed phantom power to a microphone for up to 15 hours.


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