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Holiday 2012: HDSLR 101

Audio for DSLR Part 1: Run & Gun

This B&H video examines a few quick and affordable ways to improve the in-camera audio on "run-and-gun" style, single-operator shoots using camera mountable mics. These mics usually plug directly into the camera's 3.5mm external mic input and mount on your HDSLR accessory shoe.

The New Sound Devices MixPre-D: for Camera, Sound and Post

There’s a wide range of workflows in today’s production world, and the new Sound Devices MixPre-D is a versatile piece of equipment that will flow with the many different kinds of work.

Camcorder XLR Adapters

A Camcorder XLR Adapter is a small, lightweight box that enables you to properly attach two professional microphones and other audio signals to a camera with only one 3.5mm mini-plug mic input.

Arm Yourself with a Pistol Grip

Over the weekend I did a video shoot where I was operating the camera, doing the sound and directing. There was no production budget, just me acting as a one-man crew. I managed to cobble together a fairly decent-looking picture with the available light, but the audio quality I achieved would not have been possible without my pistol grip.

10 Tips for Better Audio in Digital Video Production

Today's digital recording equipment is more accurate than ever at capturing audio with vivid and crisp detail, however, videographers quickly discover that it's usually the distracting noises that get captured the most vividly and crisply.


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