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Light It! The Making of an iPad and iPhone App

Interested in iPhone and iPad apps—using them or creating them? If so, this info-packed seminar is for you. Join photographer/author Rick Sammon and Emmy-award winner videographer David Leveen and see how this dynamic duo created Light It!—an app for both the iPhone and iPad that is all about creative lighting techniques for the photo enthusiast.

Get Up Close and Personal With Rick Sammon

In celebration of his iPad app, Butterfly Wonders, which features a comprehensive section on close-up photography, Rick Sammon returns to the B&H Event Space to share his favorite close-up photographs along with practical advice on macro photography.

Navigating the Grand Central Photo Safari

Have you ever been on a safari with B&H? Our safaris, run by the B&H Event Space, aren't for the weak of heart—you'll be tasked to search for priceless artifacts, untold treasures, and Pegasus, amongst other things. At least that's how it was on our recent Grand Central Photo Safari Adventure, where many people posted their best images, and some won prizes!

 Photo by Jaydorfmanphotography (first place winner)

As Seen Through The Lens

The best camera in the world is little more than an elaborate box that lets light in for a precise amount of time. Put a lens on it, and the camera becomes a photographic tool to let you explore reality and capture your imagination’s take on what you see.

Photography Books 101

In this Event Space video, Artist and Designer Mat Thorne will discuss the best ways to approach a body of work and translate your own personal identity as a photographer into your promotional materials.

Real Exposures Episode 2: Sean Kernan

The B&H Event Space is pleased to present a new series entitled "Real Exposures," which features one-on-one interviews with industry professionals such as high-profile photographers and filmmakers.

Top 10 Events of the B&H Event Space for 2010

It’s that time of the year when everyone from music bloggers to movie critics are rattling off their top favorites of the year. This end-of-year phenomenon has inspired me to reflect on the last 12 months at the B&H Event Space, and to pick my own top ten events. There were far more than ten excellent events, but these really stood out from the rest. Hit the jump to see which ones made the cut.

David Brommer on Composition

David Brommer, manager of the B&H Event Space, has contributed to a recently published book entitled, "Composition: From Snapshots to Great Shots." I recently had the opportunity to talk with David about the chapter he wrote, and he provided me with some interesting and thought-provoking insights.

Live from B&H: D-Town TV with Larry Becker and Matt Kosklowski

Live at the B&H Event Space at 2:30 PM EST today will be the stars of D-Town TV Larry Becker and Matt Kosklowski. You can watch it live here. They will be having a big giveaway, plus answering questions live. Additionally, there will be special guests, lots of tips, plus a live tour of the SuperStore. Tune in today for a special treat.


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