B&H Used Department.

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One of the cooler jobs at B&H belongs to the guy in charge of identifying and evaluating the rare and/or oddball items that come through the doors in the B&H Used Department. Due to a great measure of modesty and humility, this particular person prefers to remain anonymous, so let's just call him 'Steve'. The scary part is that 'Steve' can usually identify the oddest pieces in the lot at first sight. And don't be surprised if he points out the brass thing-a-ma-jiggies on the focusing rail aren't original. 'Steve' knows his stuff.

We continuously turn up rare and unique photographica here at B&H, and thanks to 'Steve', these gems can now be browsed through in the new 'Collectables' section of our website. To kick things off we assembled a cross section of notable photographic eclectica available in our Collectables section. Some of these items are original manufactured products, and some are hybrids, i.e. a Zeiss 16mm Hologon with a Leica M mount.

Linhof Technica III 5x7 Folding Rangefinder

4 years ago