Brian Stoppee

Monolights 101

We love monolights. They imitate natural illumination beautifully. If you have yet to read our previous features on the Bare Tube Flash Head and Flash Power Packs, now is a good time to do so. Those stories complete the foundational learning about AC flash that you’ll appreciate.

Bare Tube Flash Head 101

When we’re out meeting our seminar attendees, we know that many of you are total newbies when it comes to AC flash. So this is the first in our series of explorations into what some call “studio flash”. That in itself is an outdated term: Many professional photographers use these AC-powered flash units and shoot entirely on location. Admittedly, there was a time in history when about the only AC-flash units that were available required a great deal of amperage to power, and the physique of a body-builder to transport.

Print Longevity: A History

Insuring the longevity of a print is essential to an image-maker’s responsibility to the customer. Anything less can cause damage to a studio’s reputation. This is especially true of photographers who cover special events in people’s lives. It would be a sad situation if the wedding photos, which were expected to be handed down from generation to generation, begin to fade after just a few years.

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