Should You Purchase A Cable Modem?

I was paying my cable TV company nearly $5 a month to lease a broadband cable modem. Then, I realized I could buy my own, a purchase that would pay for itself in little over a year. So, I bought a Linksys CM100 from B&H, installed it myself, and returned the leased modem to RCN, the cable system operator. While owning your own modem makes sense for some cable customers, ownership isn't for everyone..

Let Me Piggyback on Your Wi-Fi & I’ll Pay It Forward by Sharing Mine

When I’m out, I’m often reduced to chasing Wi-Fi where I can find it. Intercity buses that pick up passengers near Penn Station, for example, are oases of connectivity in a city of slaphappy password protection. With Wi-Fi spilling out to the sidewalk, you’ll sometimes see me sprinting along 34th Street with my iPod Touch trying to stay in range of a bus as it heads to the Lincoln Tunnel.

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